Gimme Five: Miscellaneous with Pride Haggerty


Pride Haggerty, Staff Writer

Welcome to Gimme Five, where I will be profiling various students on their top five fixations at the moment. Every week a new student will be chosen to share their top five of some given category. To start this series off, the category is…. miscellaneous favorites! Here are my top five at the moment. 

Colleen Hoovers: Verity 

If you are someone who likes a solid scary book, this book is for you. Colleen Hoover has become a very popular author recently, with her book It Ends With Us being popular among high schoolers. But if you are interested in a book with a romantic side but want a hint of terror, Verity is the perfect book for you. Hoover implements several cliffhangers that make you want to keep reading and never put the book down. The cleverness incorporated in her writing is something to admire in an author. 


Are you looking for a good pair of running shoes? Well Hoka has your back. When I tried on my first pair of Hoka’s I felt like I was walking on clouds. They are also super cute and pair perfectly with leggings. A lot of people are between the Hoka and the On running shoe, but personally, I favor Hoka’s. Others may disagree, but running in them makes me feel like an astronaut running on the moon, which is super fun.

Michael’s Grill & Salad Bar 

Delectable is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about this heaven of a restaurant. If you haven’t already gone to Micheals in Highland Park, you are missing out. It’s my current obsession to say the least. If you ask any of my friends they will tell you if asked where I want to eat out, they can bet money I will say Micheals. But it isn’t just the building that brings me joy, it is single handedly the chicken caesar wraps. The best I have ever tried. So do everyone a favor and take a trip to Micheals next time you are figuring out a place to eat. 

Slick Back Ponytails

The slick back ponytail dates all the way back to ancient Greece, but it’s finally made its return. Girls are taking on the new look for various reasons. One is to elevate an outfit, and the other is that their hair may look a little too greasy for their liking. The slick-back ponytail can take an outfit to the next level and I personally am loving it. 

Florida Georgia Line 

Florida Georgia Line has been my favorite country band for a while now, so I was extremely sad to hear that they officially broke up this September. Now reminiscing about the duo, I still listen to their songs on a daily basis. The song I love the most is called Life Rolls On. I love how some of their songs bring a sense of uplift and cheeriness, while others are more subtle. This past summer FGL performed at Country Thunder, but I was unable to attend. It’s sad to think that could have been the last and only time I could have watched the band play together. But I don’t want to get too teary eyed on all of you, so for now, I suggest everyone give Life Rolls On and Blessings a listen. 

That is it for this week, but stay tuned for the next Gimme Five culprit!