OOTW w/ Harriet Pierce

Nora Peters, In Style Editor

This week’s outfit of the week award winner goes to none other than Harriet Pierce. She may only be a sophomore, but she has already established her style at LFHS, constantly serving looks in the halls. Today Pierce opted for her spin on a classic look; Jeans and a t-shirt. Peirce made it modern by swapping classic wash jeans for fun sage green high-waisted jeans from Zara. On top, she made a t-shirt the perfect finish to the look by choosing a color-coordinated long-sleeve tee-shirt from Princess Polly, with sage accents and a pop of pink. Overall this look was fun, unique, and the best of the week. Tune in next week for our next winner, and if you feel you, a friend, sibling, or whoever you know that is a current LFHS student has the potential to have the best look of the week, DM a photo of the outfit to @lfhsforestscout with their name and grade!