Episode 3 What’s in his closet with Noah Portalatin


Noah Portalatin took us through his closet, and we discussed some of his essential pieces of clothing. Eye-catching pieces could be seen throughout Portalatin’s wardrobe. From hot pink terry cloth polo to his multicolored Ralph Lauren collared shirt. 

Portalatin always finds ways to fascinate the LFHS hallways and attract the eyes of his fellow students and staff.

We gained insight into where one could find pieces similar to what Noah has in his closet. For Example, brands like Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Birkenstock were featured.

Here are the pieces featured in the video,


In our opinion, the pieces Portalatin has displayed for us can be well complimented with some nice comfortable sweatpants if your day is laid-back, but for a more dressed-up and formal day, some nice khakis would work well with these funky pieces.

Overall, Noah Portalatin has a unique sense of style that can be applied to a multitude of situations, from a day at the gym to, of course, a school day.