Is it better to have A’s in regular classes or B’s in AP classes?


Matheo Vermer, Staff Writer

Is it better to take a traditional class and get an A, or take an AP class and get a B?

This is one of the most common questions high schoolers ask themselves when wrestling with whether to take an AP class.

The answer? Well, it depends. 

On one hand, being in regular classes and getting A’s is not very challenging.

Exceeding in regular classes is great, but I also think challenging yourself in an AP class and finishing with a B also looks good to colleges,” French teacher Mrs. Kristin Gregory said. 

School counselor Mr. Brad Naughton agreed, saying, “The best answer is both.” Having AP classes with B’s are good, but it is important to have A’s in other classes as well, according to Naughton. 

Taking AP classes is good, but you also have to balance it with your other activities like sports, clubs, or your social life, Naughton said. 

AP classes can bring growth because they push students into a difficult position where they can discover a new part of themselves.

“I take AP classes because I find it actually specifically useful in whatever I want to do in life or in everyday life,” junior Carl Carlson said.

Also, another benefit is that every student who joins AP classes has the chance to drop down. It’s sometimes harder to move up into a class after the semester has started.

Other people think it is important to have AP classes to improve your college standings, according to junior Hardik Singhal.

“It brings a lot of college recognition, especially if you do well on the AP exam,” he said. 

In general, there seems to be a consensus: if you can, try to take some AP classes over your high school career, but keep a balance with other areas such as sport, clubs, and your social life. That is what makes you ready for college and beyond – be open-minded and test your strengths. The worst thing you can do is underestimate yourself and never try.

As Steve Martin one said, “The greatest thing you can do is surprise yourself.”