Homecoming: A Quote Story

Homecoming: A Quote Story

Piper Rother, Staff Writer

School dances definitely have their ups and downs, but all in all, are pretty eventful leaving you with some great stories to tell. 

Whether they are about the awkward “proposal”, getting food poisoning, or the start… or end of a relationship, here is what Lake Forest students shared about their experiences at homecoming.

“Freshman year, my date told everyone that we were gonna kiss on the dance floor. Needless to say, I had no idea.”

“After a football game, my date got down on one knee and asked me to homecoming. A little boy walked past and asked if we were getting married.”

“When trying to get home, I put the wrong address into uber and ended up on a 16-hour road trip.”

“I remembered at the pre-party that I was supposed to buy tickets for me and my date.”

“I was dancing with my date when all of a sudden we saw our friend sprint past us. 5 seconds later, a group of teachers ran past chasing him.”

“After the dance, my friend’s dad made us dinner. I think the food was undercooked because the rest of my night was spent on the toilet. I will never admit that it was the dinner he gave me that caused my stomach issue, but I am almost certain it was.”

“After 4 years, I still don’t know how to put on the boutonniere.”

“Freshman year my friends pranked me that my friend was going to ask me to homecoming during one of my classes with a poster. I was scared to go to school for a week because of it.”

“At our pre-party, there was this really good sauce. So I decided to steal some to take home and have been enjoying it with my lunch this week. It was the best decision I made that night.”

“At the dance, someone came up to me and told me I looked lonely.”

“I had never had a bigger ick than I did on homecoming night. My boyfriend and I didn’t last much longer after.”

“By the end of the night, my friend was reported missing.”