NHI Educates on Hispanic Heritage


Coralis Colon, Staff Writer

The National Hispanic Institute Club is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, which started Sept. 15.

The group is working to bring more attention to the Hispanic community at LFHS. As of 2021, the Hispanic/Latino population in LFHS is 9.6%. 

“I don’t think that the general student population nor our faculty/staff/community see enough of the impact that our Latinx students have on our LFHS community,” said club sponsor Dr. Rachel Abel. 

NHI is hoping to change that. 

“I think the Latinx community could definitely be better represented. I don’t think it is at all right now and most people don’t realize how many people at our school are a part of the community,” said senior Aliya Maldonado.  

NHI provides opportunities to students through summer programs. These programs include traveling to a different state for about a week, participating in debates, having conversations with other students around the country, and so much more. On Wednesday, the NHI club brought a churro truck to the school as a fundraiser, and 10% of the profits will go towards the NHI club scholarships for this program.