Spirit Week Participation


Victoria Lang, Staff Writer

Spirit week was in full force during Homecoming last week. Monday started off with pajama day and Friday finished off with Scout- out, the students have been able to show off their school spirit. Something to notice is the difference between how freshmen and seniors dress up for spirit week. 

What was different about freshman and seniors school spirit?

Scout Nation leader, Rylan Stark didn’t see many freshmen dress up and wishes she “saw more from them.”

“I feel like freshmen might be self conscious or not think anyone else is going all out. For seniors, it’s been a tradition and it’s our time to carry and go all out for our last chance,” Stark said.

Other seniors were disappointed by the little participation from the freshman.

“I did not see a lot of freshmen dressing up this year. I remember as a freshman being worried that no one else would dress up so I didn’t really,” senior and one of spirit week’s best dressed, Annie Swift said. 

A lot of seniors felt the same concerns as freshmen, they learned to become more confident and overcome these insecurities. 

Senior Annie Swift

“As a senior I tried to go all out for each day because there’s not many chances for seniors to get to do this anymore,” Swift said. 

A senior who really went above and beyond with her spirit week outfits, Alexa Schweitzer thinks that freshmen don’t go all out because they “don’t want to draw attention to themselves because they are so new.”

Senior Alexa Schweitzer on pajama day


“But seniors see it as their last go around to dress up and everyone wants to go all out, their insecurities of being the only one to dress up or be in a different outfit are gone,” Schweitzer said.

Why do seniors like spirit week? 

“It makes a sense of community because everyone is collectively doing the same thing,” Stark said.

Other seniors think spirit week is a fun way to dress up and wear things you don’t normally get the opportunity to wear.

“It’s fun to dress up for school and see all your friends supporting school spirit,” Schweitzer said. 

Spirit week is not only a way for students to get excited for homecoming, but it can also bring the school together.                                                                                

Time for the incoming freshman and underclassman to take notes. What makes someone stand out during spirit week?

Stark thinks the most important thing for someone to do to stand out is to “try and not be afraid to put themselves out there.” 

“Wearing something totally ridiculous can make someone stand out,” Swift said. 

If you are trying to be one of the future best dressed at the pep rally, this is what our student body president looks for.

“Some things that make someone stand out during spirit week are creativity and extravagance. When I see someone with bright colors or a hat, I will definitely notice it,” Student Body President Pride Haggerty said. 

Seniors encourage underclassmen to dress up and not be afraid to show their school spirit.

“Freshman have a few years of spirit week ahead of them so hopefully they will start going all out soon,” Swift said. “I definitely recommend dressing up for spirit week to every grade because it makes it that much more fun.” 

Keep an eye out for student council participants, they do a lot to spread notice about the different themes and encourage students to participate. 

“Through student council a lot of underclassmen can help to spread scout pride through making signs and telling people to dress up for scout out Friday,” Haggerty said.

Coming into a new school, a lot of freshmen don’t want to have attention drawn toward them. But seniors see it as their last opportunity to dress up and keep the tradition going. 

“It’s never too late to start showing school spirit,” Swift said.