Q&A with Bears Running Back David Montgomery

On the eve of the rival game with the Packers, Montgomery talks family, school, and fatherhood

Matheo Vermer, Staff Writer

Despite being busy with the start of a grueling NFL season, starting running back David Montgomery sat down for an interview The Forest Scout’s Matheo Vermer, who just happens to be neighbors with Montgomery. 

What do you love about football?

I love being able to bond with new people that I meet every year, sometime every week. But I also like the process of working hard, to grind up, putting the time in, so that I can be the best I can be. 

Who inspired you, and inspires you today?

My mom inspired me. She has been doing a lot; she has seen a lot of things. She overcame a lot of things and never complained and never quit. So my mom would be the one who inspired me the most. 

Did you have any brothers or sisters ? Did they impact your childhood? 

Yeah, I had one sister and brothers. My sister and my brothers … were always there. They helped me become who I am today. There was a lot of stuff going on, so I tried to always stay there. Keep being involved, stay around, you know. And they always stayed around, so I am very appreciative for my brothers and sister. 

When did you start playing football, and why? 

I started to play football when I was five years old  because my mom was telling me to go outside and have fun. 

Have you always been a running back?

So when I was in high school I was a quarterback, and became a running back in college. I also played running back when I was little, when I was playing for little league. 

If you had to play another position, which one would you play?

If I could play another position, I would play kicker.

If you weren’t a professional football player, what would you like to do?

I would be… I don’t know, I would do something with kids. Be able to teach kids.

How long do you want to play football ? Have you already thought about something else after your football career?

I kind of wanna play until my body tell not to play, and then I want to start my next life.

How do you feel about the next season? Are you under a lot of pressure?

Sometimes you can get under pressure, but at the end it is the game, and it is supposed to be fun. So, I don’t look at it that way. But, I am excited for next season, I am excited for being a dad. Be able to become a dad, that’s what I am most excited for.

How was your high school experience?

High school was different, I was playing QB. I could see the game from a different perspective. I learned a lot of things. Ultimately, it was great things. 

Was it hard for you to balance school and football in college?

Yes, at first it was very hard. I had to learn a lot of things, which I was uncomfortable with. I was eight hours away from home, so I had to adapt being away from my family, which was really hard to do. And I had to deal with school at the same time.

What was your daily practice when you were young?

I would get every morning early, like 5 or 6 in the morning. Eat breakfast, and try to make sure I was staying active and involved. After that, I go to my classes …  Then when it is time for practice, it was go time. I got back in my mindset, and took care of my business. After that, I would go home, do my homework, have dinner and go to sleep. 

What was your goal when you were young, and what is your goal today?

My goal was to get to the league, so that I could take care of my family the best as I can. I definitely have goals today: My biggest goal is to stay healthy and be a great dad.

What would you say to the young athletes?

Just to say, don’t ever give up, always stay involved. And follow your dreams, don’t let it taken from you.