The Toga Day Tradition


Bianca Storino, Staff Writer

It’s a Lake Forest tradition to have class distinction day during Homecoming spirit week. With that tradition, seniors have always worn semicircle cloth robes called togas. 

What even is a toga?

“Well, it historically has been a garment worn exclusively by male, upper-class ancient Roman citizens,” Latin teacher Mr. Phil Woodruff said. 

At Lake Forest, seniors make their togas to replicate the ancient garment. 

Senior Viola Swartout brought a relatable, untalked-about side to the toga trend. 

“I always assumed that the seniors bought togas just for toga day, but when I realized they made them out of bed sheets I was stressed out,” Swartout said. “I looked up countless videos on YouTube until I came upon one that slowed it down enough for me to understand the process. It was hard folding up the bed sheets, but with at least three tries under my belt, I was finally able to do it.”

Seniors in their togas

No one knows for sure where the toga tradition came from, yet some have theories.

“I assume that it represents the superiority of the seniors. I assume Greek Gods wore togas, so maybe the seniors wearing them portrays them as being the Gods of the school,” senior Rachel Brown said. 

Others have different ideas about the origin of this tradition.  

“The infamous toga party scene in the movie Animal House is a likely contender for the idea. The party was a memorable event of the movie where lots of students rallied together, just like the senior class does every year during Homecoming week,” senior Mia D’Alessandro said. 

Some students have looked forward to this from the start of their high school experience.

“When I was an underclassman I remember looking up to the seniors and thinking about how fun it must have been to wear a bed sheet to school. It’s crazy that this week I along with the rest of my grade had the opportunity to partake in fun,” D’Alessandro said. 

Yet, some think the toga tradition brings bittersweet emotions. 

“Any senior tradition is a mix of emotions. You are happy to be a senior but you are sad to be leaving the high school soon,” junior Zach Shoemaker said.