Scout Spotlight: Tommie Aberle

Each week The Forest Scout spotlights a student or staff member for a Q&A

Piper Rother, Staff Writer

Junior Tommie Aberle, a three-sport athlete, shares advice, favorite memories, and the teammate who helped him adjust to high school.

What is it like playing three varsity sports? 

It keeps me busy and it is a lot of fun. I’ve made a lot of friends older and younger and that is the best part.”

What inspired you to play these sports?

“I always loved playing all 3 when I was younger so I never stopped. My brother and I were always playing basketball, baseball, or football since I can remember.”

Do you have a favorite?

“Basketball is my favorite. The thing I love most is knowing when a basketball play is going to work. It’s really satisfying.”

What do you like most about each sport?

“I love being able to hit people in football and the bond you build with the football team is just different. I love every single thing about basketball. And I love baseball because it is so hard to do well that it is humbling. Also, hitting a baseball perfectly is the most satisfying.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

“I take a nap before football games, drink soda before baseball games, and chew gum during basketball games.”

Tell me about your most memorable game.

“The best game I’ve been a part of was a football game my sophomore year against Prairie Ridge in the State Quarterfinals. We were down 14-0 but none of us were worried. We knew we were just playing really bad and we came back and ended up winning 21-20.”

Is there a coach or teammate that has made an impact on you?

“Sam Gibson. During my freshman year of basketball, he took me under his wing and introduced me to all the guys on the team. He would also drive me to every practice and game. Our friendship really took off my sophomore year and he’s become an older brother to me.”

What’s it like balancing your school work with sports? 

“Some nights it can be a lot, but most nights it’s not too bad. I make sure to take advantage of my study halls and any time my teachers give me to do my work.”

Do you have any advice for younger kids that want to play multiple sports?

“Yes, I recommend kids to play different sports because if you only play the same sport all year it’s easy to get burned out, just try not to get caught up in how you’re doing but enjoy the practices, games, team dinners, and team hangouts because that is what you’ll remember most.”