The Dish Visits Franks for the Memories

Robert Pasinato, Matt Durburg, and Shep Graf

Blurb- The oddly shaped building off of Hawley street right down Route 176 from Lake Bluff in Mundelein is known for its wings and it backed up the hype. The restaurant had a walk up counter to order and had an old school feel in the restaurant. Showing a lot of respect for wings in buffalo sauce, Franks definitely shows their twist on that style of food all the way in Illinois.

Service (8/10)- It isn’t a sit down restaurant so you won’t get as much attention as you would at a sit down. Ordering is very easy and the food is ready in about 10-15 minutes. The workers are friendly and will help you out if you need the help. At Frank’s for the Memories you don’t have to interact much with the chefs. They take your order and you wait for it to be called. 

Quality (9/10) – The food produced at Franks is produced at a very high quality. The chicken wings coming out were some of the most well-rounded wings whether it be the sauce or the crispness of the wings to the juice in the wings. The mac and cheese bites were also high quality with the fresh mac and cheese on the inside with a nice crispy shell on the outside. The burger and fries also passed the test but the fries were not perfect. Small cut curly fries were a little crispy and the burger was about as average as it gets. All in all, the food is worth making the trip down Route 176 to the restaurant in Mundelein. 

Atmosphere (9/10)–  Franks has a unique charm to it. When you first enter, you are mesmerized by the authentic nature Franks has. Its open kitchen, being able to see back to where your food is being made, is a very cool feature. Not only that but Frank’s memorabilia is what really seals the deal. There are newspaper headlines everywhere on the wall. The retro booths add a good touch as well. Being able to look around the restaurant at all the cool features is a great activity to do while eating your food. Overall, the atmosphere of the small building is awesome. 

Overall Rating: 8.8