Scouts’ Opinions on Homecoming Inside Versus Outside


Luca Ferraioli, Staff Writer

For the second year in a row, Lake Forest announced their plans to host Homecoming outside on the front lawn. 

For the past 20+ years at Lake Forest High School, following the football game on Friday night, the dance took place Saturday night in the Competition Gym. 

In 2020, Homecoming was canceled altogether due to COVID. The following year, in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID but still host a dance for the students, the school moved the dance outside on the front lawn. 

This year, the school announced that the dance will once again be outside. With this recent decision, many conversations stirred up in the hallways of our high school. Some Scouts see the good on both sides, considering both indoors and outdoors have their perks. 

“I think Homecoming being outside is a better venue but indoor is easier to maintain from a security standpoint and planning perspective,” Dean Frank Lesniak said. 

The incoming freshmen have yet to experience either inside or outside.

“I am super excited for my first Homecoming and I think having it on the front lawn will be awesome!” – Tess Uihlein 

Here’s a breakdown of Scout Opinions on Homecoming: 


“I liked having Homecoming inside better because everyone is brought together but on the front lawn everyone was so spread out.” – Harry Kotlarz

“The Homecoming dance being inside has much more of a vibe. The music is louder and the lights are more vibrant in the gym. My feet also got too muddy outside on the front lawn.” – Paige Clements 

“It could be too hot outside or it could rain. The weather is just too unpredictable” – Tyler Klein 

“When we were outside on the front lawn, I had to Venmo for food at the food trucks and it was very expensive but when the dance was inside the food was free.” – Riley Hoskins 

“If the weathers bad, it’s over.” – Mrs. Leeann Nelson

“It gives students an opportunity for a structured dance. It feels like a more authentic Homecoming dance.” – Griffin Werner 

“Homecoming is traditionally inside so it would be nice for the dance to be inside for those who have never experienced it inside.” – Alexandra Mower

“The atmosphere for the kids outside is amazing. But I do have to say Homecoming inside makes my job a lot easier.” – Officer Long



“The setting of Homecoming being outside makes the dance more fun and a good way to utilize the warm end of summer weather. I also love seeing the school behind the DJ.” – Lainey O’Neil 

“The Homecoming dance is better outside since it is cold for so much of the year here, we should take advantage of the nice weather.” – Andrew Sommers

“Homecoming indoors creates too hot and sweaty of an environment so I prefer outside by far. The night vibe is way better.” – Jake Kroner

“The backdrop of the school’s most beautiful lawn and building. Having the homecoming dance outside gave the opportunity to have food trucks, games, and LED lights. This also makes each dance to be distinct, having Homecoming outside on the front lawn, Winter Formal inside in the gym, and Prom at the alternative location.” – Mrs. Laura Clegg 

“Homecoming is better outside because it is more spacious and in the gym, it feels cramped.” -Stephen Sinclar

“Last year was amazing! If the weather cooperates, outside is best!” – Dr. Erin Lenart

“Homecoming outside on the front lawn is the best way to bring the summer weather to an end.” – Cole Graham 

“Last year, having Homecoming outside on the front lawn was perfect. The atmosphere of the dance being outside made it so much more exciting.” – Michela Barry