Take your programming to the next level with the tools offered by the GitHub Student Developer Pack


Daniel Miller, Staff Writer

GitHub is the most popular Git platform used by developers worldwide.  Git platforms like GitHub provide programmers with vital tools which make much of the modern world practical to develop. The source code for an infinite number of projects, both open and closed source, are all hosted on GitHub.  Beyond this, GitHub offers many useful resources for free through its Student Developer Pack.  I’ll highlight the tools offered that I believe are the most useful.


Namecheap offers a free .me domain for one year.  A custom .me domain is ideal for building a web portfolio.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is offering $100 in Azure credit and access to the full Azure suite of cloud services.  This is a great tool if you are trying to build an app that requires a backend, like most do today.


JetBrains is offering the ultimate version of its suite of IDEs built for many languages.  Examples include IntelliJ Idea (Java), PyCharm (Python), or PhpStorm (PHP).  I personally am not a fan of JetBrains IDEs, but it can be helpful for certain projects.

Digital Ocean

For new users, Digital Ocean is offering $100 in free credits, which can be spent on a virtual private server (VPS) which you can use to host services for an app or personal services.


Name.com is offering various domains free for the first year.


The .tech top-level domain (TLD) is offering a free domain for one year and two free email accounts with 100MB of storage.  .tech is a great TLD that has a wide range of uses, so I definitely recommend taking advantage of this one.


Icons and graphics can make an app or project more visually appealing.  Iconscout has a large collection of icons, illustrations, and stock images.  They’re offering 60 free premium icons per month for one year.


Icons8 is offering full access for three months to their collection of icons, photos, and music.


DeepSource is a static analysis platform that recognizes errors from the code from your pull requests and commits in Git.  DeepSource catches things that neither you or your IDE would be aware of on a surface analysis.  This can save a lot of time in future debugging.


Apps need a place to store data.  That’s where databases like MongoDB come in.  MongoDB is offering $50 in MongoDB Atlas credits.  These can be helpful if you need basic backend storage for your app or service.


With more features, effects, and animations, Typeform is essentially Google Forms on steroids.  It’s not particularly necessary, but they’re offering a professional plan for one year, so why not.


If you need to process payments for your app, Stripe is the service to use.  It’s a trusted and feature rich payment processing platform with APIs and toolkits to work with any framework or library.  They’re waiving all transaction fees on the first $1,000 in revenue processed.


SimpleAnalytics is an analytics platform that claims to protect the privacy of its users.  They’re offering a free starter plan for one year with 100k page views per month.  If you need analytics for your website or app, this is a good option.


Algolia is a hosted search API that you can use to handle searches on your app.  Algolia is much simpler to set up than its popular alternative, ElasticSearch.  Algolia’s intuitive API has made setting up search a breeze on my apps.  Algolia is offering 100k records and one million operations, valid for one year.