All About Pitch Night 2022


Bentley Frost, Staff Writer

For the juniors of LFHS enrolled in Business Incubator, one of the most long-awaited nights is just a few days away. However, although many students have spent the year preparing for “Pitch Night,” only a small portion of groups were selected to present. EZ Plugs, Decentraschool, SimplyNav, and Tasty Recovery pitched to the board of judges (outside business executives) last week and were chosen to pitch their idea to a group of investors for a chance to win start-up funding, which can be up to the 10,000 the LFHS Foundation gives. 

The Business Incubator course at LFHS teaches students the aspects of how to run a business, which includes everything from how to market and network their idea, to the financial parts that go into starting up a business.

Throughout the past two semesters, these businesses have been working to create prototypes and gain social media viewership to help grow their business. At 7 p.m. on May 20 in the Raymond Moore Auditorium, the community is invited to come and support these entrepreneurs in their endeavors to bring their business ideas to life. 

Decentraschool, is an online program whose goal is to provide education and leadership to those wanting to learn about cryptocurrency by supplying their users with physical resources with remote instruction. The “Crypto Crew” switched the course of their business just a few short weeks ago, and have now landed in the top four teams presenting at pitch night. The goal of this business is to facilitate participation among those who may not know how to get started themselves. 

Tasty Recovery, is a business whose goal is to provide an “all organic, refreshing, easy to use powder that helps aid the recovery process”, according to junior Jack Griffin, CFO of Tasty Recovery. They are looking to improve the athletic field by offering a healthier option to Athletic Greens for after physical activity.

Simply Nav is a GPS system that’s goal is to help make the high school experience easier for students by helping them find their way around. Their product is used to “eliminate the stress of navigating unfamiliar spaces” as found on the Simply Nav Website.

EZ Plugs, is a business that created a “manageable and adjustable power strip and plug solution”, due to the constant issue they observed of never having enough outlets to charge all of their devices. Their goal is to provide adjustable outlets that have a variety of ports so the majority of devices can be accounted for.

These four teams will pitch their ideas separately to the board of investors. At the end of the night, the Foundations Cup Winner will be announced. This is given to the team with the most viable new business. Additionally, the Best Pitch Award will be handed out to the group that gave the best pitch and presentation. 

The group that wins the Foundations Cup of this year’s pitch night will also be receiving the opportunity to go through a “real life” incubator program through the CIC Business Incubator. Additionally, the group will be admitted into the Business Accelerator Program at LFHS.

Pitch Night will also be live-streamed for those not able to attend the event through this Link, and if you would like to possibly invest in one of these businesses come May 20, you can use this Google Form to do so.