College Corner: Week 11


Colin Martens and Sydney Pitera

Each week, College Corner reviews five seniors on where they have decided to attend next year, what they are most excited about, and what they love about it. 

Name: Luisa Hance

College: University of Florida

Major: Marketing

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Mascot: Gators

Why UF?

“I am choosing Florida because it has great academics and school spirit. When I visited, I really liked it and I felt like there would be a ton of academic support and resources. It has everything I want in a college including the nice warm weather.”

What are you most excited about? 

“I am super excited for the warm weather and game days in the “Swamp”! I am also really excited to meet new people and get involved in different clubs and activities because UF has so much to offer!”


Name: Sam Gibson

College: Miami University 

Major: Finance 

Location: Oxford, Ohio 

Mascot: Redhawks 

Why Miami of Ohio?

“My brother transferred there and has had a great experience during his three years there. I’ve also had a good time visiting him over the years.” 

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m most excited to meet new people and play intramural basketball.”


Name: Jacqueline Rubin

College: Indiana University 

Major: Marketing

Location: Bloomington, Indiana 

Mascot: Hoosiers 

Why Indiana?

“I chose Indiana because at the end of the day, it ended up being the best choice for my major. I had the pleasure of visiting Indiana twice before I inevitably made my choice, and I couldn’t be more excited. I had so much fun and I am so lucky to have some older friends already at Indiana to guide me through my freshman year next year! It’s also close to my sister who is at Illinois!” 

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m really excited to have fun things to look forward to constantly. Going out and meeting new people will be a nice way to break up all of the work with fun. Just forming new memories and experiences!”


Name: Travis DiTomasso

College: University of Miami

Major: Business Management

Location: Coral Gables, Florida

Mascot: Hurricanes

Why UMiami? 

“I chose UMiami because of its location and people. I wanted to be near a cool city that brought unique experiences. I fell in love with the campus as soon I got there so I knew it was the right school for me. From academics to social life, it had everything I was looking for.”

What are you most excited about?

“I’m mostly looking forward to the warm weather and meeting new people! I’m excited to get on campus and experience what it’s like to be a cane.”


Name: Tricia Gray

College: University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Major: Undecided 

Location: Champaign, Illinois 

Mascot: Fighting Illini 

Why Illinois? 

“I love the Big10 atmosphere and how many paths there are for me when it comes to choosing what I want to do. I also like that it’s close to home!”

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m most excited about meeting all the new people and getting to explore the many different major options and pursuing my main passions.”