I Hate Long Dresses

There’s only one part of prom I’m dreading…my dress.


Vivi Hirschfield, Staff Writer

I hate wearing long dresses.

When I was six years old, stepping foot in Disney World for the first time, I fell in love with princess dresses. This love transitioned into an infatuation with flowing, ball gown-style dresses and I spent hours of my middle school life scouring designer labels and prom websites to find the styles I could eventually rock at my own prom. 

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Long dresses: Love 'em or hate 'em


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Here at LFHS, juniors wear long prom dresses and seniors tend to wear short. There are many theories as to why this custom is in place, like the fact that the pictures taken at prom don’t show up in the yearbook until the next school year, meaning seniors shouldn’t spend the money on a long dress if they won’t see themselves in their yearbook. Prom is also planned by juniors, so the junior class is ‘hosting’ the dance. No matter what the reasoning is, I knew from the start that junior prom would be my moment to shine.

Now prom is in almost a week, and the ballgown obsession was buried the moment I began my search for my junior prom dress. 

The thought of a long dress is great: the skirt swaying as you walk down the red carpet, the flair as you dance your heart out. 

Unfortunately, the lead-up to finding this dream dress is my personal nightmare. I’m not tall, so buying a dress that doesn’t need to be altered is out of the question, and it also means ordering dresses online is often a toss up. You might think “just wear heels,” but then you tack on the pain that comes with wearing shoes that I’ve heard described as ‘knives for your feet’.

Long dresses are also pricier and harder to dance in, especially with prom being outside on the front lawn this year.

While I am happy with the dress I found for prom, I still have reservations. Long skirt means a higher chance of tripping, or stepping on yourself.

But in these days leading up to our highly anticipated dance, optimism is key. At least this is the last time I’ll ever have to wear a long dress-that is until college formals start my whole process over.