Prom tickets are worth the cost


Lindsey Kozel, Staff Writer

Prom is less than a month away so it’s time to buy your ticket. Prom tickets are a whopping $95, which is a lot for a single event. 

However, many factors go into the cost of tickets including security, tents, food, and decorations. In order to get the “full experience,” there will be a hot buffet, four bars, bartenders, servers, a DJ, and even a band. There are a lot of hidden costs in the price of the tickets that students don’t see. 

The cost of prom tickets at LFHS has always been in this range. In 2008, prom tickets were $85, but with inflation, the price has risen to $95. 

If prom was at a hotel, tickets would cost the same amount. The hotel would already have the venue meaning the ballroom and the area for dinner including the tables and utensils. Now that prom is on the front lawn, the staff has to create a dance floor and a dining tent.

“We pretty much have to create a venue on the front lawn,” said Mrs. Crouch, who is behind most of the planning for prom.

Over 60 tables have to be rented this year with 650 chairs, plates, forks, knives, napkins, etc. 

It all adds up to $95 per person.

LFHS also hosts fundraisers to raise money for prom. The community’s contributions help make prom as extravagant as it is and allow for the school to do it every year. LFHS makes no money from fundraising and puts all the money towards Prom, Crouch said.

Even if the cost is pretty high, it will all be worth it to go to prom. Tickets can be bought here by the end of the day today!