Music is the language that unites us


Max Wesolowski and Brody Oesterlein

As we walk the halls everyday, it seems like everybody has their AirPods in listening to something different- tuned into a different art form. No two melodic symphonies are the same, no two anthems tell the same story, and no two songs convey the same reaction. 

Music defies language’s limitations. There is no such thing as a language barrier when it comes to music. It is something that unites individuals, regardless of background. Music is something where people can get their own unique outlet- where everyone may succeed.

“Music is a way I can relax and enjoy myself. It’s a way I can express myself and listen to what I want to. It’s a form of self enjoyment,” senior and varsity basketball player Connor Duncan said.

Senior and Choir Board President Amelia Myers says “music is a way to bring everyone together.”

“I have made a lot of friends through music… and outside of school too, listening to music in general is a joyful, peaceful thing. It brings me peace of mind, and I think it’s a really connecting thing to bring people together,” said Myers, who is involved with theater, choir, and arts here.

Music is the bridge that brings crowds together. Oftentimes, the art of music speaks louder than words and can be used to form meaningful and long-lasting connections and memories for students here. Music provides the opportunity for self-expression and creativity, as well as favorable social features.

“I’ll listen to different music for different things. It can change the mood I am in; sad mood, sad music, happy mood, happy music. It depends how I am feeling,” Myers said. 

Being a teenager, it’s easy to get caught up in a rudimentary routine. Music provides the solace needed for many high school students, and provides comfort in the chaos. 

“Emotionally… sometimes when I am sad I listen to sad music and it comforts me. Sometimes when I’m in a good mood, I love to listen to happy music to elevate my mood,” senior dancer Julia Grum said.

Senior lacrosse player Jack Blume talks about how music consoles him quite often, and talks about how he becomes more relaxed just from listening to music. 

“Listening to music definitely calms me and if I’m nervous for a test, if I listen to music I am significantly more relaxed,” Blume said.

All in all, music provides peace for all people, especially students– and as corny as it sounds– music heals. People find a sense of paradise and calmness being engaged and in tune with it. Music offers consolation, and shelter from the new age of disarray to students and kids in need.