A Guide to Banda Musica


Banda MS performing, courtesy of Gobierno de Cholula

Ceff Diaz, Staff Writer

Banda is a genre of Regional Mexican music in which wind instruments, mostly brass and percussion, are performed. Banda music dates back to mid-19th century Mexico, when the communities tried to imitate the military bands with the arrival of piston metal instruments. 

Through time, Banda music has evolved and has gained a ton of support and love from the Latin communities. Banda music is one of my favorite genres to listen to, mostly because of the lyrics and the instruments they use that produce unique music. I’ve grown up listening to Banda my whole life and have seen the evolution of the genre expand and grow to what it is today. 

Banda is well known in many countries around the world, especially in South America. Here are some of my favorite songs that you should check out.


Banda MS is one of my favorite Banda groups and is a band I’ve always listened to since I was young. The lyrics and the flow of the music just catch the attention of many and hook them into wanting to keep listening.

La Bandononona Clave Nueva De Max Peraza – Cuál Adiós

Cuál Adiós, or “Which Goodbye,” is another of my favorite songs to listen to. Listening to the singer express himself and listen to the topic he is singing about is really catchy.

Grupo Bryndis – Te Vas Con El

Te Vas Con El is an older Banda song that really grabbed my attention when I first heard it. Grupo Bryndis is one of my favorite older banda groups because of the impact it had on the genre and how it helped elevate Banda to what it is today.

Grupo Bryndis – Tu Traición

The flow of this song is unmatched and it is one of my favorite songs made from Grupo Bryndis. It’s a slower-paced song that really calms down the listener and is catchy at the same time.

Banda Los Recoditos – Mi Último Deseo

Mi Ultimo Deseo, or “My Last Wish,” is one of my favorite songs that really gets one into wanting to listen to more Banda. The lyrics in this music really stand out to me because of the meaning behind them. Overall this is a really good song and you should definitely check it out.