Business Incubator Groups 2022

Business Incubator Groups 2022

Maeve Bradley, Staff Writer

The Business Incubator Program is designed to further students’ knowledge on what it takes to become an entrepreneur. This honors course offers juniors the opportunity to create and develop their own product or service. With the help of business experts and mentors, students have been growing their business throughout this entire school year and have their first big presentation taking place this week.  


The Walking Buddy

The Walking Buddy is run by Zoe Frentzas, Jake Kroner, Maura Camoletto, and Sam Larson. Their product is a five in one dog leash that saves time and reduces hassle as it includes all the necessary items you need for a walk with your dog. 

“We have a lot of plans for the future! You can expect to find us working with local dog stores to get our product out there,” said junior Zoe Frentzas.

Steer Secure 

Mark Cervieri, Mateo Morrone, Rocco Caputo, Isabelle Lisk, and Jeremey Zelken created a weight- and motion-sensing device that is installed below the dashboard to store the driver’s phone while their vehicle is in motion. They have designed it so that your car’s engine will not start until it senses the driver’s phone is in place, and it will unlock if the motion sensor detects a collision from any direction. 

“Our product is also Bluetooth accessible, meaning you can still use GPS or play music while driving, but it prevents the driver from physically holding the phone,” said junior Mark Ceveri. “The future for safety on the road has never looked more promising.”

Tasty Recovery 

Jack Griffin, Maeve Bradley, Cole Graham, and Kareem Alsikafi created Tasty Recovery. Their product is an all-natural recovery powder that has no added preservatives or synthetics unlike popular companies including Gatorade. Their goal is to provide people with a tasty yet healthy recovery after physical activity.  

“As a group, we just finished perfecting our demo video which includes star athletes from our school. In the next month we will be setting up taste tests at local gyms for all to try,” said Junior Jack Griffin. “Everyone should be anticipating great things from our group in the near future.” 

GPS Heroes

Alexandra Fontana, Owen Walsh, Austin Rice, and Victoria Lang’s goal is to create a product to ease the minds of parents so they can track their kids or elders by alerting them when they have fallen over or when they’re in the street with the use of a small GPS chip. This chip can be attached to any piece of clothing or put in pockets of the wearer. Parents with young kids and caretakers of the elderly will be notified through the mobile app on their phone and can check locations from anywhere. 

“We are currently working on our pitch presentation to present to the board next week and reaching out to GPS providers to build our product,” said junior Victoria Lang. 

Simply Nav

Josh Dueringer, Tessa Poulton, Molly Kelly, and Brennan Riley are revolutionizing the way that students navigate the high school experience by providing a quick and easy-to-use GPS system. Their goal is to remove as much stress as possible from the already busy lives of students, parents, and teachers.

“We are hoping to advance to pitch night and have our app ready for the 2022-2023 school year,” said junior Josh Durienger. 

The Super Razor

Sophie Delhey, Caroline Lee, Vincent Nottoli, Van Dugan, and Harry Moore are creating the Super Razor. This is a two-in-one razor that makes traveling and packing light easy. This compact razor eliminates the hassle of having to pack your shaving supplies, all the while getting a quality shave. 

“The super razor team has a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks,” said junior Sophie Delhey. “Stay on the lookout for our updated prototype!”

The Birthday Genies

Chloe Robb, Fitz Diefenbach, Robert Medica, Sacha Robb, and Georgio Koliastis created a business called The Birthday Genies. This is a birthday party planning and entertainment service which provides an exciting and unique experience for kids, while relieving stress and decreasing the workload for busy parents.

“This Saturday we are hosting a free party at the Lake Forest Rec Center at 12:30 to test out our service! It will be really fun, we will be doing various activities with kids and cake will be included,” said junior Chloe Robb. “We have also partnered with Luries Children’s hospital, and have created a fundraiser with them. Expect a lot coming from us in the future!”

EZ Plugs

Pride Haggery, Connell Sassen, Sarina Vora, and Sean Kupperman are creating a customizable power strip where you can add or subtract power plugs of various outlet types. 

“In the future, we are hoping to partner with manufacturers who are interested in making our product come to life in a usable prototype,” said junior Pride Haggerty. “We are currently meeting with a kickstart company called kickstart design and we’re hoping to have them make us a working prototype.” 

Campus Scouter

Caroline Donnelley, Michael Burden, Harry Kotlarz, Ryan Boudreau, and Nic Abbagnaro are creating Campus Scouter. This is a unique service that connects high school students to alumni in order to help the student learn more about potential colleges they could be interested in. 

“We will be making connections between Lake Forest High School alumni and current students in order to help juniors and seniors find the right college environment for them,” said junior Caroline Donnelley.

Peoples Prints   

Brayden Nagy, Robert Pasionato, and Jeremiah Lam created a customizable clothing website that allows students and staff to give their input for logos and designs. They will then create and print on any type of clothing of the student’s choice. 

“We will make a survey which will serve the purpose of a design contest for the students and their parents, and staff to vote on for the best design. This is ‘Keeping it simple,’” said junior Robert Pasionato. 

Party Pack

Juliana Brunetti, Katie Bradley, James Farrell, and Jason Schacher created the Party Pack. Their company provides a customizable box with all the necessary party supplies for various different parties. This helps those who want to save time and money while reducing the effort and stress of preparing for an event. 

“We hope to make it to the accelerated program and sell party boxes to families,” said junior Katie Bradley. 

RYKE Dividers

Posy Connery, Jack Kaplan, Xavier Waterschoot, and Grace Lutrey are making a suitcase divider to make packing, customizable to your own suitcase. Their plan is to make your packing easy and efficient.

 “We guarantee our customers an easier packing experience and organization when it comes to traveling with our RYKE divider,” said junior Grace Lutrey.


Jack Rosenberg, Mark Basgall, and Ian Fickes Wagaw created FindFit. This is a service that combines all attributes of physical health and nutrition. They provide physical trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, dieticians, and all the information imaginable surrounding the health and fitness industry and make it accessible to users. 

“FindFit will be the highest quality health and fitness app with incredible efficiency at an affordable price,” said junior Jack Rosenberg. 

Allergy Armor

Evan Sloan, Harry Capstick, Henry McGlynn, and Morgan Saltzman created Allergy Armor. This company provides rapid testing for food with peanut allergens. This will help those customers who want a quick and easy way to make sure their food is safe.

“We are planning to create a paper tab where you put it in food and it changes color indicating if there are peanuts in the meal,” said junior Evan Sloan.

Connect Teens

Sofia Davis, Emmie Edwards, Anthon Kildbane, Nick Roumain, and Jocum Schabacker are creating an easy-to-use job finder for high school students. This helps teenagers save time and explore job opportunities, while minimizing stress. 

“In the future, you can expect us to have a prototype of our working website and hopefully we get to launch our official product next year,” said junior Emmie Edwards. “In the meantime, keep a lookout for updates including early sign-ups on our Instagram, @connectteens.lf.”