“On the Road Again,” the Talent Show performed last week for the 60th year ever


Nick Winebrenner, Editor

The entire Talent Show crew closing the show.

This year’s Talent Show had everything.

Between Pop Culture satire skits (A^2), a jazz band performance (Jazz Band), and an Italian opera singer, soaking in the enthusiasm filled Talent Show vibes was easy this year. Led by Emcees Connor Boyle and Saige Joseph, the show’s theme this year was “On the Road Again.”

Bach Double Violin Concerto

You know when you’re watching the Olympics, and you see a 17 or 18 year old athlete and ask yourself, what am I doing with my life? That was how I felt during this performance. This duo absolutely killed it and made me realize how good the violin really sounds when played right. And did I mention they are siblings? Bravo to the sophomore and freshman duo of Aidan and Keelin Watts. 

The Barber of Seville

Lexi Makowiecki’s rendition of “The Barber of Seville” stole the entire talent show. She began her opera with glorious singing, but when I realized it was in Italian, I was taken aback. Not only was the singing stunning, but the piano tied it all together. Makowiecki and Saige Joseph absolutely wooed the crowd with their out of this world performance.

Shooting Star

Sometimes the act right before the intermission is the most boring. But not this year. This year, the crowd was on their feet, clapping along to the beat of “Shooting Star” by Owl City. But what else do you expect though from the Super Scout Emerson Donohue. With five background dancers behind her, Donohue encouraged the audience to join her and they sure did. Overall, it was a fabulous, crowd rousing performance from Donohue.

LFHS A Capella

LFHS A Capella

Who doesn’t love A Capella?  This group lit it up with their rendition of “Break my Heart” by Dua Lipa. The energy, the vibes, the voices, the beatboxing: so good. Keep doing your thing LFHS A Capella, but we really do need some sort of funny pun to replace the current title/name.

Madeleine Kapsalis

I have known Madeleine since she was in kindergarten, and I somehow never knew she played the piano. But Madeleine does not only play the piano, she tickles the ivory like nobody I have ever seen. In her rendition of Deux Arabesques by my favorite composer (Claude Debussy), Madeleine takes the audience out of the auditorium and onto the streets of Paris. 

The Band Boys

The Band Boys did their thing like they always do: with energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. Not only can they put on a show, but wow can they play their instruments. They played a Lucky Chops arrangement of “Funkytown” and “I Feel Good.” As the second to last act, the band boys added some kick to the Talent Show. If I don’t see these guys on a stage in 10 years, I’ll be extremely disappointed.

The Kay and Rob Band

The Kay and Rob Band

To nobody’s surprise, the showstoppers were The Kay and Rob Band. With Robert Medica’s impeccable guitar strumming and Kay Clifford’s voice of an angel, it is kind of hard not to be an automatic hit. They played “Bound for Glory” by the Tedeschi Trucks band, and by the end of the performance, the entire talent show crew joined them on stage and ended the night with a bang. 

Unbelievable job to everyone who performed in the Talent Show this year. It was a thrilling spectacle to say the least.

A list of all the talent show performers in order is as follows: 

Verdant performed “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas

Junior Tess Meulbroeck performed a dance routine titled “Eternal Devotion”

Skizzorz performed an original piece titled “Crow Calling”

Space Cow

Sophomore Aidan Watts and freshman Keelin Watts performed “Bach Double Violin Concerto”

Space Cow performed “No One Knows” by Queens of the Stone Age

Freshman Lexi Makowiecki performed “The Barber of Seville” by Aria Song

Juniors Kenna McBean, Janel Sharman, and Grace Thomas all performed “Wouldn’t Come Back” by Trousdale

Junior Niharika Singh performed an original song called “Moonlight” on the piano

Demiromantic performed “Sports” by Beach Bunny

Sophomore Sophie Loiacano performed a dance routine entitled, “Bring to Light”

Senior Emerson Donohue performed “Shooting Star” by Owl City

LFHS Jazz Band performed “Little Big Gumbo” by Victor Lopez

Senior Elizabeth Miczuga performed a dance routine, entitled “Dancing in the Moonlight”

Senior Alexander Panos, and junior Angela Karr performed a satirical take on Pop Culture over the last ten years

Seniors Amelia Myers and Jack Taylor performed “Missing Piece” by Honey Butler with help from the Pit band

LFHS A Capella performed “Break my Heart” by Dua Lipa

Senior Madeleine Kapsalis performed “Deux Arabesques” by Claude Debussy on the Piano

Ruby and Janel performed “Alright” by Gracie Abrams

Junior Vince Boberski performed an original song entitled, “Thank God It’s Friday”

The Band Boys performed a Lucky Chops arrangement of “Funkytown / I Feel Good”

The Kay and Rob Band performed “Bound for Glory” by the Tedeschi Trucks Band