College Corner: Week One


Colin Martens, Writer

Name: Emersen Waddle

College: Boston College

Major: Economics

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Mascot: Eagles

Why Boston College?

“Boston College feels like home to me. My grandparents and cousins live just outside of Boston, and my parents both went to BC, so we visited often throughout my childhood.  Walking on campus on my official tour gave me a feeling of comfort and confidence that no other school did. The campus is absolutely beautiful.”

What are you most excited about? 

I am most excited about the diverse range of extracurricular, internship and academic opportunities.”


Name: Scott Seaman

College: University of Miami

Major: Business Analytics

Location: Miami, Florida

Mascot: Hurricanes

Why Miami?

“I really wanted to go to the South and out of the Midwest, and Miami seemed like everything I wanted in a school.”

What are you most excited about?

“I’m most excited to experience something new and different than what I’m used to.”


Name: Lily Naughton

College: Colorado College

Major: Sociology

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mascot: Tigers

Why Colorado College? 

“I chose Colorado College because of its location in Colorado Springs and direct access to the mountains. It’s a small liberal arts school and they go by a block plan so you take one class at a time for 3 1/2 weeks so you can really get a hands-on experience in the classroom.”

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m most excited about taking advantage of the study abroad opportunities and getting involved in the community. I’m especially excited to meet new people and experience the outdoors all year round as well as taking creative and interesting classes that allow me to grow throughout my time there.”


Name: Renzo Meucci

College: University of Iowa

Major: Business

Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Mascot: Hawkeyes

Why Iowa?

“I chose Iowa because I’ve grown up with family who went there and when I visited I had a really good time. The people there are so inviting and friendly to each other. I feel like it’s a great environment to be around.”

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m most excited to attend sporting events like football and basketball. I also can’t wait to get the college experience of being on my own and making my own decisions.”


Name: Gabriella Nerger

College: Marquette University

Major: Political Science

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mascot: Golden Eagles

Why Marquette?

When I first visited Marquette, I drove around with my mom and I fell in love with the campus. I was looking for a school near a city, and Marquette is in Milwaukee. Also, Marquette has an accelerated 6 year law program compared to the traditional 7 year route. Also, I wanted to be close to home.

What are you most excited about? 

“I am most excited about taking classes that I am very passionate about!”