Upperclassmen Course Recommendations


Maeve Bradley, Staff Writer

LFHS offers a wide variety of unique and interesting classes to choose from, often making course selection intimidating. Reflecting on past classes they have taken, here are a few recommended courses from the upperclassmen. 

Writing and Humanities 

This course introduces students to a study of philosophy, along with units on historical time periods and artistic movements.

“I really like how laid back it is while also learning a completely new curriculum super different from a traditional English class. I never thought I’d really learn about different religions and forms of thinking, and perceiving the world all with it still fitting into an English course,” said senior Abby Hanlon. 

This class discusses in-depth puzzling questions with readings, discussions, debates, and more.

“I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in trying a totally different style of English and wants to focus more on thinking/cognitive learning and less creative writing/reading. It can be challenging at times, but Mr. Finley is great at teaching the course,” Hanlon said. 

Writing and Critical Analysis of Film

This course is designed to interpret and study films and filmmaking. Along with watching classic and contemporary films, students incorporate their writing skills to analyze what they have watched. 

“This class has definitely been one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at LFHS. Film taught me how to analyze movies almost in the same way you would a book. It made me appreciate them in a completely different way,” said senior Louise Brickman. 

There is a wide range of movies chosen for classes to watch as the selection alternates between teachers. 

“The last movie before our final was Schindler’s list. Mr. Lubliner refrained from walking us through the analysis, and it was so cool to really understand everything I was watching from the camera angles, length of the cuts, to the character development,” Brickman said. “By the end of the movie everyone was silent or tearing up, which was a really special moment. It just showed how much we all had learned in the short semester.” 

Guitar Making and Technique 

This course includes concepts from technology, art, engineering, science and math. 

“It was a super chill class. I just got to build a guitar and I love guitars. You also get to keep it at the end of the semester,” said senior Helena Murphy.

This class is a unique addition to the selection of courses offered at LFHS.

“If you don’t know how to play the guitar, they will teach you. Any time one of the guitars I own has a problem, I now know how to fix it,” Murphy said. 


Woodcraft is designed for students to develop basic and complex skills when it comes to the creation of wooden items. 

“My favorite aspect of the class was that it was like a recharge in your day,” said senior Ben Winebrenner. “The class makes you appreciate the intricate nature of woodwork.” 

Students tend to enjoy learning the complexity behind this process and demonstrating their own abilities.  “It allows you to appreciate how sophisticated woodwork really is,” said senior Jack Marshall. 

Writing for Journalism & Media Communications 

Along with contributing to The Forest Scout, students learn the fundamentals of journalistic writing. 

“I like that you have a lot of independence and it is very student-led,” said junior Bentley Frost. 

This course not only furthers writing skills but expands students’ knowledge and experience with the media. Journalism provides many opportunities for students to express their passions, opinions, and more. 

“There is a lot of freedom in which you can explore different areas of writing to help you find out what you really like to write about,” said Frost. “I would recommend this class if you are active readers of The Forest Scout or enjoy free writing.” 

Graphic Design 

Throughout this course, students learn the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop. 

“I liked being able to think outside of the box and be creative,” said junior Pride Haggerty. “I would recommend the class to anyone who loves art or just likes social media and technology because you learn a lot about both in this class.”

Lifeguard Training Course

Lifeguarding is a one-semester course that takes you through Red Cross training to become a certified lifeguard. 

“My favorite aspect of lifeguarding was how Mr. Fiordirosa was able to make it a fun and an enjoyable class- even though the stuff we were learning and doing was pretty serious and difficult,” said junior Kay Clifford. 

The class is structured where regular scout days are dedicated to classroom learning, and block days are for practicing skills in the pool. 

“If you don’t like swimming I wouldn’t do this class because yes, you do have to swim,” said Clifford. “The skills you learn are pretty difficult to do, so make sure you are confident in your swimming abilities. However, there were some people in my class who didn’t swim a whole lot but were able to make it through. The teachers are very supportive in helping you get through it.”

Sports & Entertainment Management 

This is a one-semester course incorporating fundamental business skills along with exploring finance, corporate, and law sponsorship from an entertainment standpoint.

“I liked that it had to do with both business and sports which both interest me,” said junior Jackson Sommers. “We got to make a fake sports team for a city that doesn’t have one and make stadiums and posters.”

Students are provided with a lot of freedom in choosing projects throughout the areas of study.  “I would recommend it to any athletes or anyone that likes sports,” said Sommers.

For more in-depth descriptions on specific courses: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_mr3f6eBU_nioV1DeYUkp5-wOkNlZOAu/view