Dresses for Prom: Where to Look


Louise Brickman, Editor-in-Chief

While prom may be three months away, let’s be real, people start to look for prom dresses this far in advance. LFHS is already on top of things ever since the anonymous @lfhspromdresses2022 Instagram account was made.

I have gotten several texts from friends asking for the best places to search for dresses. Everyone’s first idea…the classic Revolve or Shopbop. However, if you’re looking for some more original pieces, I have a few suggestions. 

I’ll say it – my mom is literally my personal stylist and sends me cuter screenshots of clothes, then I send her. I’ll give her credit for 100% picking out all of my dresses for every Hoco, TB, and even prom. KBA as we call her has taught me to try and be different and stand out from the crowd, which is easier said than done in high school. Some of the most iconic statement pieces we both love have a plethora of ruffles, patterns, bright colors, and puff sleeves. 

Here are ten cool places to find some unique prom dresses:

PS: These ten have a wide variety of price ranges. Obviously many may not want to splurge on a dress for prom so I made sure to include places to rent dresses for a one-time event, and even lower, more reasonably priced dresses. 


 1. Cynthia Rowley. An oldy but a goody, Cynthia Rowley has been a name in the Brickman household for as long as I can remember. You can always count on Cynthia Rowley for some bright color and some sparkle, or maybe even some feathers. I picked two that I saw on the website that would be so cute to walk the red carpet in. I think the tulle-esc material on these dresses adds such a fun and creative element. Also, Cynthia Rowley herself is from Barrington, who knew?  


2. Rent the Runway: Okay hear me out, I think Rent the Runway is honestly the best. The amount of clothes, dresses especially, that I have bought to wear once and never end up wearing again is quite 

sad. Being able to browse and rent a high-quality dress for a low price, and then to send it back after it has served its purpose I think is so genius. Sometimes, I’ll admit, it is a little tedious to scroll through and find what you love, but I mean come on – that pink dress with the giant bow… I’m actually obsessed.     

3. Amanda Uprichard: If you’re looking for a more polished, sleek, and put-together moment, Amanda Uprichard may be your gal. This company is more on the expensive side but could be a potential long-term investment. You could easily re-wear these dresses on vacation, another dance, birthday events and so much more. Again, I loved this one-shoulder moment. I feel like it is such a flattering cut.

4. Finding places on social media to rent: Out of the ten recommendations, this is one that I was 

most excited to mention. It’s honestly such a pain sometimes to go and search for a dress you love, let alone 

purchase it. I love the idea of renting your old dance dresses for others to use – whether you’re the one renting or wearing. I’ve kept in touch with my friends from camp through Instagram accounts like this one. Similar to Rent the Runway, you can browse, DM, and then wear the dress of your choosing. 

5. Free People: You may see this and think, “Wow, Free People isn’t that unique…” But I love Free People specifically for their jumpsuits. So, I have an honorable mention for jumpsuits. If you don’t feel like wearing a dress, then don’t– it’s never stopped me before. I think these are both so so fun that I legit put them in my cart for spring break after finding them. Something about a fun and crazy jumpsuit makes me feel so confident– probably because I am so short and they make my legs look longer. With heels, a tan, the right jewelry, and hair, either one of these would be totally prom-approved. 

6. Sabo Skirt: 

A boho classic. Even though Sabo Skirt is becoming more well known, it’s not at the point where it’s become overworn like Love Shack Fancy. I love the fun and bright patterns throughout their whole collection. These could be dressed both up and down and could definitely be reworn.


7. Intermix: If I’m being honest I don’t shop at Intermix much, mostly because the price sometimes makes me run back to Zara, but if you are looking for a place to splurge on a dress this is definitely the place. I personally love their longer dresses more than the short ones offered, probably because I think you’re getting more material for your buck. I am obsessed with this orange dress – you can’t see the back in this picture but it’s almost backless but with a white border outlining the bright orange. I always look to Intermix for the more mature and polished, yet trendy looks.



8. Coco & Lola: We love a classic random Instagram find. I have had this short blue dress saved forever in my Instagram saved. I think it is so fun and I love the pleats with the high neck–, such a flattering look. I also have yet to bring up that sets are such a cute option for any dance attire. This past homecoming I literally found my set on TikTok and it’s probably one of my favorite outfits still to this day. Even though the skirt isn’t floor length I think it could be dressed up with heels, and I love a ruffle moment.



9. Zara: I kid you not, the majority of my dance dresses have been from Zara – and also picked out by my mom. I now have mastered navigating the Zara website, and consider finding those hidden gems as one of my special skills. Ask any of my friends and they would tell you that the majority of my closet is from Zara, which is probably a little embarrassing. The big secret is going on Google or Poshmark and finding limited edition dresses that are no longer on the website – that’s where I found the two above. Zara is also definitely your friend when looking for a more reasonably priced option.


10.  Saylor: The perfect combination of fun and polished, Saylor is such a good find. For someone who doesn’t want to be too crazy but not too basic, I think either one of these is a great pick. The belt on the shorter dress adds another element to make it more dressy, plus it would make anyone look snatched. And the longer dress has sweet details such as the pleats and the neckline detailing – and not to mention both of these are kind of sparkly.