Winter Fashion: What Are We Wearing?

The scoop on what is trending in the halls.


Sydney Pitera, Staff Writer

Welcome back Scouts! After coming back from winter break, I have noticed many different pieces trending. Coming back from break is one of the best times of the year, mainly because of the outfits. 

After winter break, this is one of those times to shine the selection we got during the holidays. With the cold weather, the number one priority on an outfit checklist is: comfort. This is the time of the year where sweats and athleisure shine. Throughout the halls, I am loving the wide array of comfy winter wear. 

Lululemon Define Jacket 

You can never go wrong with a slim jacket, especially since it matches with everything that you own. But recently, this jacket has gone viral on TikTok for the “BBL” effect. For a while, the define jacket was known for the “yoga mom” look and wasn’t very popular.  But lately, I see it everywhere. Not only for the flattering look, but for the comfortable athleisure look. 

This jacket is perfect for the sporty look. It comes in different colors and is always paired perfectly with anything. 








Puffer Vests 

We all know the hype about puffer jackets, and are loving them. But sometimes, you need a change in jackets, especially when you don’t want to be wearing a coat all day. Puffer vests have become a staple for fall fashion but have continued into the winter.

A puffer vest is a piece that is best for layering and will make the winter look, without the heaviness of a full jacket. When it comes to those crazy Illinois days where the weather decides to change on us, it is a jacket that is perfect for keeping you warm but not too warm to make you overheat. 








  Aritzia                                                             Zara

Flare Leggings 

As always, everyone loves to be comfortable at school. The loungewear trends just keep coming and I don’t see them going anywhere. One of the most notable loungewear trends is the return of flare leggings, or as the og’s call it, yoga pants.

Last year, Emma Chamberlain posted her iconic mirror selfie wearing her yoga pants, bringing back the trend. And ever since, the flare leggings have been booming, being shown off all throughout the halls of LFHS. Back in first semester, the aerie flare leggings went viral, but lately the lululemon groove pants have also started to become more popular. 










Junior Sophie Benjakul.                            Senior Sarah Patel 

The Aritzia Super Puff

A puffer jacket has become the most popular jacket to wear in the colder temperatures. Lately, the Aritzia Super Puff makes its mark as one of the top jackets that everyone is obsessing over. Why is it so popular? Although it is pricey, it captures all of the interests in a jacket. It comes in all colors, shiny or matte, and in different lengths. 

The Super Puff is known for keeping you in style, especially when you are trying to stay warm. This jacket is a bestseller because it is guaranteed to keep you WARM, even in temperatures down to -22°F.  








Senior Sophia van der Woert     Senior Sarah Patel