Genre Wars Part One: Let’s Rock!

Learn about LFHS students’ favorite music genres


Kayla Wisneski, Editor

According to my Spotify Wrapped, I listened to 167 different genres of music in 2021. Personally, I try not to define my music taste by a single genre. What category a song falls into doesn’t actually have anything to do with whether or not I like it. I’ve noticed that some people will expressly say that they don’t enjoy an entire genre of music, which is a bold statement considering how large of a range one genre can have. 

In order to discover why certain people enjoy certain kinds of music more than others, I’m highlighting people who are willing to defend their favorite. 

To kick things off, I decided to start with myself.


Kayla Wisneski

Year in school


Favorite genre

Classic Rock (anything released before the 2000’s)

Describe it in three words

Powerful, energetic, fun 

Favorite song

My favorite song is Old Time Rock & Roll by Bob Seger. It has such a feel- good vibe to it, and you really can’t help but have a good time when it’s on. Not to mention, it has spawned some pretty amazing movie scenes!

Favorite artist

Most definitely AC/DC. They are absolute legends, which makes it just about impossible to dislike them. Every one of their songs is an anthem, and they are so fun to watch on stage.   

Favorite album

Right now my favorite album is “Power Up” by AC/DC. It was released in 2020, and served as a return to the music world for the band. It has all of the classic elements of AC/DC, along with some more modern additions. It’s a perfect mix of vintage and timely. My favorite off the album is shot in the dark! 

Why you should listen to this genre

I really love the idea that a song can bring people from all over together, an entire stadium filled with thousands of people singing together. I think of rock concerts in the 80s and 90s, and I think of a group of people with a sole purpose of having an experience to remember forever.

Rock music is a way to connect with others, and have an amazing time. It’s such an easy way to bring people together. Plus, there is nothing more fun than screaming along to a song at the top of your lungs.  

How I connect with the music

Rock music is possibly the most mood – increasing thing to exist. It allows me to relate whatever I’m feeling to a song. Whether I’m happy, sad, or angry, the electric guitar and drums really amplify that. It creates a totally different experience when you can really feel the music. 



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