10 Questions with Hannah Ziperstein


Hannah Ziperstein (right)

Kathy Peterson-Ross, Staff Writer

Hanah Ziperstein is a senior at LFHS. She plays an active role in and out of the school playing over five different sports over the last four years, as well as participating in travel sports outside of high school. 

She is an active member of clubs over the years and manages to balance the academic work of a high school senior. Ziperstein does all of this with a positive and uplifting attitude.

1. What is your favorite thing about going to LFHS?

“I think every student at LFHS gets along really well. I get along with almost every other student at LFHS. I have developed a lot of friendships here, which is also great.”

2. What is your favorite memory at LFHS?

“My favorite memory from last year was during class we all went on a walk to Starbucks. One of my classmates was moving so we threw her a surprise moving away party, she had no idea.”

3. Who is a teacher that has inspired you?

“Definity Ms.D, I struggled on my tests and was really freaking out about the AP exam that was coming up. She took her time to go over problems with me and believed in me when I didn’t and that made a huge difference in my mind.”

4. What sports have you participated in?

“Throughout my four years at LFHS, I ran track and played ice hockey my freshman year, sophomore year I joined the softball team and continued to play ice hockey, junior year I ran cross country, played softball, and continued ice hockey and senior year I am doing softball, hockey, golf, and maybe basketball.”

Hannah Ziperstein, number 12 in white, playing against rivals New Trier High School

5.  What is your favorite sport?

“Hockey, then my second favorite would be softball or golf.”

6. Who is your hero in sports?

“I am inspired by Michel Jordan because I know he was cut from the basketball team in high school and then he became the greatest player of all time, in my opinion. This shows that hard work does bet on talent in the long run.”

7. What is your favorite hockey memory?

“My favorite hockey memory is when we were down by one with one minute left in the game and my teammate Tess Clark had a breakaway. She shot and missed the net but I picked it up and scored top shelf on the rebound. We ended up tying the game. That was a good memory. Everyone was screaming and going wild, we all hugged each other, we all ran on the ice.”

Hannah Ziperstein (second from left) with her golf team

8. What is your favorite part about being on a team?

“My favorite part about being on a team is, well this is going to sound cliche but, the journey that we all go on. At the beginning of the season we are all rusty and not the best but with practice, hard work, and dedication we all improve drastically at the end of the season. We all got really close, for example, softball last year, my junior year, I walked into practice not really close with anyone and I left the season considering everyone as my best friend.”

9. Do you think you play better when you are good friends with your teammates?

“Yeah, I feel like if you are on a team with a bunch of random people you don’t know with no connections whatsoever you are not going to know the moves the other players are going to make. In hockey, I can just tell by playing with these girls for so long what they are going to do next. I feel like this helps us try and win. I think it also helps with the team morale, for example, in softball we did not have the best season last year, we lost a lot of games but because we were all so close we would be cheering others on regardless of the situation. This just made the season so much fun.”

Hannah Ziperstein (center) posing on the ice with her teammates

10. Is it hard to balance school and sports?

“In general it is difficult because I have almost no free time at the end of the week because I go to school for eight hours a day and then I have two sports right after. It’s all worth it in the end, I love playing sports. Sports are my outlet and that’s the reason I do so many sports.”