Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Sam Gardner, Staff Writer

Please refrain from hurling profanity at me in the comments. I am a fragile man and don’t do well with criticism. I’m well aware that the consensus on this topic says that the Star Wars films are in a league of their own. Personally, I like Star Wars, but as a whole, I have always found the movies overrated. In my eyes, I don’t think they surpass George Lucas’s other blockbuster series, Indiana Jones. 

Luke Skywalker is a less compelling protagonist than a handsome archeologist who hates snakes, seduces hot women, and evaporates Nazis. Mark Hamill is a fine actor but overall is carried by the incredible settings crafted by George Lucas. Luke on his own is an interesting character, but once you strip away the lightsaber and The Force, he doesn’t bring anything special. 

Indiana, on the other hand, is a complex and interesting character, and Harrison Ford delivers an inspired and legendary performance in every part of the trilogy. Ford, unlike Hamill, elevates Lucas’s writing and every piece of dialogue is nailed.  

Star Wars is undoubtedly great, but there are definitely weird parts to the movie. First of all, why is Han Solo best friends with a giant bear who speaks no English? Also, I have no idea why they gave C3PO the ability to speak and not the coolest character in the whole series (R2D2). Leia, Han Solo, and Obi-Wan are all good side characters but don’t lift a finger to Brody, Sallah, or Henry Jones Sr. Also how freaking good was Sean Connery in the Last Crusade? 

I was first introduced to Connery with his appearances on Celebrity Jeopardy! (I Garfunkled your mother Trebec) and loved his performance in The Last Crusade. While I do enjoy laser swords smacking against each other, there isn’t a lightsaber battle throughout Star Wars that can lift a candle to Sean Connery running at birds with an umbrella causing a plane to crash.

Also, we can’t dive into this discussion without mentioning the fact that Luke Skywalker KISSED HIS OWN SISTER. That’s weird. If you like Star Wars, that means you like incest, and I can’t be friends with you. I get that Indiana and his dad made out with the same girl, but that’s peanuts compared to macking on your own flesh and blood.

Throughout the Indiana Jones trilogy, there are great adventures where Indiana must get to a precious artifact before it falls into the wrong hands: a magic stone that keeps children under a spell of slavery, the Ark of the Covenant which would make the Nazis unbeatable in battle, and the goblet of Christ which would give everlasting life to the Nazis. 

Lastly, in just about every Star Wars it seems that George Lucas makes another Death Star appear out of thin air in every movie. Maybe the Empire has a Death Star tree that has those things churning out, but I don’t think so. 

I know that this is an controversial position, but I really believe that Indiana Jones is a better movie series. Like pineapple and ham on a pizza, Indiana Jones is wholly underrated and I am not scared to stand up and defend it.

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