Four Ways to Cure Long Weekend Boredom


Vivi Hirschfield, Staff writer

With both Thursday and Friday off this week, I’m excited for the downtime. Rest and relaxation time is nice, but it’s hard to spend double the amount of time at home without running out of things to do. Here are four ideas that can cure your long weekend boredom.

Take the train somewhere

Driving is fun, but taking the train is, in my opinion, a very underrated method of transportation. It’s easy and efficient, and super fun to do with friends. I suggest going somewhere like Evanston or Winnetka to get a change of scenery and a variety of activities.

Try Crumbl Cookie

Chocolate chip and Honey Bun cookies. Courtesy of @eatswitheandviv on Instagram

Yes, Schaumburg is pretty far away but everyone I know who has made the trip has said it was worth it for cookies that delicious. Plus, the car ride over is a perfect opportunity for loud music jam sessions. 

Cook dinner for your friends or family

Making homemade pizza at my friend’s house

I love taking meals that my family orders in and recreating them at home. You can start easy, with something like homemade pizza, and you can even turn it into a night with friends.

Plan Outfits

I love doing this in my spare time, by just going on Pinterest or TikTok and finding outfits I love, and recreating them with pieces from my closet. A bonus: you won’t have to worry about having nothing to wear for the next few days with already-planned outfits!