Five Underrated Disney Movies You Forgot About


Kayla Wisneski, Editor

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Disney, alongside the majority of the human race. As an avid fan, I want to educate people about some of the best Disney movies that not many know about.  I am a little biased, they are truly amazing. Because of their immense success, movies produced by Disney are held under intense scrutiny. But all five of these films have stepped up to the plate, incorporating amazing music, hilarious humor, and lovable characters. No matter which movie you pick (because you should, at least, watch one), you truly can’t go wrong!

#5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire 

Atlantis is a front runner when it comes to underrated movies. Most of the people I’ve mentioned it to have never even heard of it. However, I am determined to see this change. This movie tells a completely unique story, creating an entire civilization of its own. It also has some themes that are slightly more sophisticated than the usual Disney movie, like morals versus monetary gain. And if that isn’t enough to keep you interested, there is a wide cast of characters that deliver one-liners throughout the whole film. Atlantis has plenty to keep you entertained!

#4. Hercules

Out of all the movies on this list, this one is probably the most well known. While this film isn’t the most accurate, it does follow the same basic plot as the Greek mythological tale. Many people cite Hades, Hercules’ god-of-the-underworld uncle and nemesis, as the best part of the whole film. Voiced by James Wood, his witty commentary will leave you bursting out laughing. Even though it came out in 1997, the humor is still on point today. This movie is the ultimate story of betrayal and romance, and it is beautifully told. But if romance isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of battles and action to enjoy as well. This movie truly has something for everyone to enjoy! 


#3. Brother Bear 

While you may not know the actual movie, you’ve probably heard some of its soundtrack on TikTok in the past few months (“tell everybody that I’m on my way”). It’s no surprise, considering it got Phil Collins (the writer and singer, alongside Mark Mancina) nominated for many awards. This movie will take you on an adventure, with its amazing original soundtrack and heart wrenching moments to keep you interested. Not to mention show stoppers Rutt & Tuke, two extremely Canadian moose who have plenty of things to say! Set in the Pacific Northwest, the scenery is stunning. Disney does it again with this cultural narrative, incorporating many Native American customs and practices. Brother Bear will leave you on the edge of your seat, but be careful, you may just fall off from laughing too hard! 

#2. Meet the Robinsons

If you didn’t watch Meet The Robinsons when you were a kid, I don’t know what you were doing. This movie is everything a kid could want wrapped up into 1 hr 35 min. Plenty of fun colors, crazy circumstances, and an imaginative new world, your inner kid will be freaking out.  But upon watching it again as a teenager, I can honestly say it’s still a great watch. It’s nice to watch something that’s meant to be silly and unrealistic, compared to the gritty movies coming out today.  has it’s fair share of surprisingly heartfelt moments, with a special emphasis on family relationships. This blast from the past can still hold its own, and deserves much more recognition.

#1. The Emperor’s New Groove

This has been my favorite Disney movie since I was about eight, and it’s still going strong! Between the absolutely ludicrous plot and witty dialogue, you will stay entertained for the entirety of the 78-minute run time. This movie has also provided fans (especially myself) with many hilarious quotes to use in daily conversation, the most popular being “wrong lever!”. While it may not be the face of Disney, since coming out in 2000, it has not lost it’s touch. It boasts a star-studded cast, including: John Goodman, Patrick Warburton, David Spade, & Eartha Kitt. The visuals, full of bright colors and unique outfits, are amazing. So next time you’re at the zoo, beware of the llamas, you never know which one might be an emperor!