A Thrifting Breakdown


Madeline Lawrence, Staff Writer

Our generation has brought back thrift shopping. Honestly, how did it ever go out of style in the first place? Getting affordable and unique clothes should never be obsolete. 

If I’m being completely honest, when I first heard about thrift shopping, I only thought of outdated and “non-trendy” clothing. However, after finding those gems within the heaps of clothing, I learned what the thrifting experience was really about and how thrilling it can be. 

While I do own clothing from fast fashion companies, as it is hard to avoid because of the ever-changing trends, the vast majority of my clothes are thrifted. Sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint are two of many  benefits of buying clothes second-hand. So, I try my best to find cute and unique clothing that benefits the environment and my wallet.

Now, here are some helpful tips on how to navigate a thrift store. 

First, it is important to go in with some sort of clothing item in mind such as a certain shirt, a pair of pants, a cute tank top. Whatever it may be, having a plan just makes the process so much less overwhelming. 

Second, check in every section because sometimes they just love to give the men’s section the cutest hoodies and t-shirts, which is honestly so rude. 

Third, going into the store with an open mind is essential. Here’s an example: “I would love to find the exact thing that I am looking for, BUT if I find something similar, I could fix it up to match what I want.” 

One of the great things about thrifting clothes is that you can always alter and make them unique to what you want. For example, I found a really cute long sleeve shirt. It was so gorgeous; I couldn’t pass it up, but there was just something missing. I realized that it was just too long, so I cut it myself. Now, it is a piece of clothing that I love so much.

Next time you’re looking to update your closet, I encourage you to shop second-hand. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do!