Super Scoutfits: Beach Party

Take a look at some of the best outfits froom last week’s football game


Gigi Snellback, In Style Editor

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing day at the beach? I know the Scouts do. 

Just swap out the sun with some stadium lights, and the sand with the bleachers, and we’re basically there! Also we aren’t on a tropical island, we’re at West Campus. 

But hey don’t be sad, you’re still with your favorite people, right? 

Anyways, who would choose Hawaii over a Scouts game? Not me. Actually, maybe I would if I didn’t enjoy cheering on my own team. Then I’d rather be in Hawaii. 

Okay, my heart really goes out to those of you who entered High School in the midst of the pandemic. (It can be difficult to have a lot of school spirit given that you guys haven’t been in the building that long).  

I know that you guys are learning, but after the first few games, it’s time to step it up.  

I only saw about 10 freshmen dressed up overall which was pretty disappointing but not surprising. 

Yes, I was a bit let down by the lack of spirit in the top stands. Thankfully, as I glanced up, two boys caught my attention. 

Within this  minority of appropriately dressed freshmen, these two definitely seemed high in spirits. 

Freshman Trevor Diem caught my eye with his multicolored striped shirt, leis, and cowboy hat. Love to see it.

Freshmen Trevor Diem (left) and Jack Walsh (right)

Next to Trevor, Freshman Jack Walsh is rocking light blue and pink floral shorts.  So beachy! His backwards hat and lei add a supplemental touch to the outfit. 

Freshman, you can thank Trevor and Jack for carrying your entire class. Learn from them. 

Sophomores and juniors, you did so great this week with the spirit! 

Oh wait, that was sarcasm. You guys get no credit. Sorry about it, step it up or you get no features. 

Okay! Onto the seniors! We had so many good outfits it was hard to keep track! I’m proud.

I love a nice color coordinating outfit. 

Senior Juju Hunt portrays this style perfectly.

Sporting all pink, she wears a matching set, backwards hat, and white tank top to equal it out. This outfit really just screams “Juju.”

Senior Juju Hunt

My favorite part of this outfit is her pink and yellow lei which perfectly matches her pink and yellow shoes.  

Yes, classic Juju with the shoe game.

Lastly, we have some white face paint to give off the sunscreen effect. Love to see it. Proud of you Juj.

Finally, some boys decided they would step up their spirit game. 

Senior Jack Blume really impressed me here. 

He wears the classic Hawaiian shirt under his very stylish coconut bra.

Senior Jack Blume

He accessorizes this outfit with a lifeguarding hat and sunglasses. 

To really magnify the beach effect, he has flip flops. Loving the spirit here, Jack. 

Senior Anna Wise also really brought the spirit last week. 

Again, classic Hawaiian shirt. Very tropical. 

While I love the grass skirt, the best part about this outfit has got to be the goggles. 

As you can see from the picture, Anna is radiating Scout pride. 

Senior Anna Wise

Mr. Wanninger is obviously very taken back from all this loud excitement. That’s how you know you’re doing it right. 

Well done, Anna!

Anyone in the first few rows knows Senior Emerson Donohue was pumped at the game. As she should be.

Senior Emerson Donohue

After Friday, my love for Emerson was multiplied by 100. 

She was wearing a neon tank top, blue hula skirt, and a variety of different leis. 

How many leis do you guys think we got here? 5? You can never have too many. Learning from the best, of course. 

Emerson really brings the heat at these games. If you’re wondering how to get excited, I suggest taking after her. 

That concludes our Super Scoutfits this week, and I better see bigger and better ones next week. Go big or go home, baby. Seriously though, just stay home if you’re not going to get hype. 

Just kidding, don’t stay home. But seriously, if I don’t see full on SCOUTED OUT outfits this Friday I don’t even know what I’ll do. Probably just write the entire article on my own outfit. Don’t make me do it, because you know I will. 

We only have two more games left! Hop to it!