Homecoming 2021: What’s the Deal?

What you need to know about this year’s Homecoming events


Louise Brickman

COVID-19 has kept Homecoming away for too long now, but with the help of the Student Council, this year it’s making a comeback. 

Pep Rally:

Friday, September 17th is the annual Homecoming pep rally. Typically, the rally is held inside in the competition gym, but due to Covid, in order to safely uphold the experience of being together, it has been moved outside. It will take place on the track, located beside the Field House. 

The head of Student Council, Mrs. Laura Clegg, said that this pep rally will be more “centered around team captains.” We can expect the same fun and goofiness from students and staff participants. However, this year there will be more interactive games mainly involving team captains. 

Student Council wants an environment for the pep rally that everyone can access and feel comfortable in.

Homecoming Dance:

“The dance is the biggest change,” Clegg said.

The 2021 Homecoming dance will take place on Saturday, September 18th from 7-9:30 pm. This year, the theme is the Grand Premiere….very Hollywood-esc. Not wanting to steal Prom’s thunder, there will not be a red carpet, but you can expect to see other decor that gives a nod to a movie premiere. 

This too will be outside, located on the front lawn. 

There will be a tent on the front lawn with lawn games, a DJ and dance area, lounge furniture, and much more. Everything will be well lit with LED lights.

In addition to the lawn fun, there will also be food trucks. Yes, food trucks. Right now, Student Council has secured two trucks: a taco truck and a dessert truck. Make sure you bring money to buy yourself or anyone else food, as it is not included in the ticket price. 

For those who prefer not to show off their dancing skills, the school will be showing “The Wizard of Oz” in the common — another ode to this year’s theme. Though not required while outside, students should still bring a mask for things such as going indoors to the bathroom and into the commons to watch the movie.

Dress Code:

I’m sure many are wondering how to dress for such an event? It truly is the same as every other year. It can best be described as “fun dress casual,” Clegg said. There is definitely the option to wear jackets to pair with ties, but of course, people can always take them off once they arrive.

If you’re thinking of wearing heels, you might want to consider bringing a change of shoes. There will be no floor put down in the lawn leading to…sunken heels. Wedges and cool sneaker would be awesome options if you’re looking for substitutes. 

Student council is really trying to make the most out of the inability to go inside with the dance this year. They are doing their best to create a fun event that will bring everyone together and remind us of the sense of community that has been dampened with Covid this past year. 

“Integrating communities and bridging the gap between different classes is really important to us,” Senior Class President Charlotte Andress said.

“Integrating communities and bridging the gap between different classes is really important to us”

— Charlotte Andress, Senior Class President


Tickets can be purchased now on Revtrak. This year, when students arrive at the high school they will receive an LED bracelet, like those you may have seen at concerts, to show who has signed in. 

Make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time. Tickets will become unavailable for purchase 24 hours prior to the event!