A Reminder to Scout Fans: We Need To Stay Civil During Sports Games

A recent incident shows the importance of being a good sport.


Sydney Pitera, Staff Writer

Due to recent events at Niles West High School during a Varsity Girls Volleyball match, it is important to brush up on sportsmanship. 

Last year, students were not allowed to attend sporting events. This took a big part away from high school. This year, many students are very excited to attend sporting events after pandemic restrictions were lifted, but students and fans have to remember to integrate respectful behavior and sportsmanship.

LFHS will not tolerate disrespectful behavior, such as heckling, harassment, comments that are gender or racially insensitive, comments that target a specific person, or threats. 

“No team shall receive unnecessary and offensive heckling from spectators, especially students,” Principal Dr. Lenart said. 

In terms of rallying for the Scouts, our motto is “Cheer for the Scouts and Support the Scouts,” and don’t say anything negative about the other team. 

Heckling an opposing team “has nothing to do with the fans,” Dean Mr. Lesniak said. “It occurs inside the lines of the game and is between the people competing.” 

Anything that is unsportsmanlike that occurs on our school grounds or events, “will result in banning of events, suspensions, or detentions,” Lesniak said. 

Proper spectator sportsmanship is just the right thing to do. Be a respectful fan and a good sport.

Likewise, LFHS should also be treated with respect and sportsmanship from opposing teams. If an opposing team has treated you, your team, or LFHS with disrespect or heckling, you should bring it to the attention of Mr. Burkhalter.