Dear Underclassmen: Why you should participate in Spirit Week

Bentley Frost, Staff Writer

For roughly half of the school, this will be the very first time they will partake in what is arguably the most exciting week of the year; Homecoming Spirit Week.

Now, underclassmen, I know that some of you might think that dressing up to go to school might be stupid, or that cheering at the top of your lungs during the football game is pointless, but news flash, it’s not. 

However, I don’t completely blame you for thinking that way. I thought the same exact way my freshman year. I was convinced that I would completely embarrass myself if I went full out for my outfits during spirit week. Now looking back two years later, after not being able to show my scout pride due to covid, I regret not giving 100% of my effort.

Junior Rylan Stark is planning on pulling out all the stops for the upcoming week, “After covid, I realized that showing school spirit isn’t a given and that I should appreciate it while I still have the opportunity to.” 

Especially with last year being remote, it’s important now more than ever, to make this homecoming spirit week the best one yet, and show everyone our love for this school hasn’t been lost.

The upperclassmen, especially the senior class, are ready to show the freshmen and sophomores just how full out everyone goes for spirit week, in hopes that they will follow the example they are setting. 

School spirit may seem lame or unimportant to you now, but when your senior year rolls around I promise you that you will want to make the most out of each football game and school event because you’ll have limited opportunities to do it again. 

Abby Hanlon, a senior who has proved he love for school spirit is nearly unmatched, said, “You’re only in high school for so long and as a senior who didn’t think my time would go by so quickly, it’s so important to get involved!” 

Participating in spirit week gives everyone the chance to show how proud they are of LFHS, so keep that in mind when you’re getting dressed for school each morning.