The Forest Scout’s 2021 Male Athlete of the Year: Richie Hoskins


Wilson Irvin, Sports Editor

Athlete is defined by Merriam Webster as “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.” If you look further, you can find examples like “Athletes from around the world will be competing at the Olympics,” or “she was quite an athlete as a child.” However, one more example should be added: “Richie Hoskins.”

As a senior this year, Richie Hoskins was able to juggle both varsity football and varsity lacrosse within the same three months. Starting on both ends of the ball in football, and running midfield in lacrosse.

“It was tough on the body, different sports and different kinds of running,” said Hoskins. “However, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t playing both. They both play a huge role in my life.” 

Heading into his senior year, Hoskins was viewed as the best athlete the Scouts had. The reason being that while he was a tremendous quarterback, as a sophomore, he was pulled up to play cornerback. Then in his junior year, before earning the starting job midway through the season, Hoskins was playing safety, and catching passes at wide receiver. 

During the 2021 season, Hoskins was able to start at Quarterback all six games, and even play cornerback when fellow teammate Jackson Pearre would take snaps. 

This football season was a season to remember for Hoskins. Going 6-0 as a team, tallying over 1,000 all purpose yards and 17 touchdowns (ten being rushing). Not to mention winning North Suburban Conference Player of the Year. 

“Richie has a work ethic like no other,” said junior wide receiver Cade Nowik. “The kid is always in the gym or on the field perfecting his craft.” 

And it wasn’t just his skills and work ethic that led the team to success.

“He was able to bring the team together really well,” Nowik continued. “By the end of the year he felt like a brother to me. One of the best captains I could have ever asked for.”

After the football season, Richie returned to the lacrosse field and made an impact right away.

“He is one of the best athletes I’ve ever played with,” said senior captain Connor Armstrong. “This allows him to draw a lot of attention from opposing defenses which opens up the rest of our offense. He dodges with “gusto” as our coach David Hone would say.”

This athleticism, work ethic, and team first mentality earned Richie a spot on the Middlebury College men’s lacrosse team and football team. 

It was no question that Richie would become the best athlete at LFHS and lead the scouts to success.