Screen Jems Film Review: ‘Mission: Impossible’

Screen Jems Film Review: 'Mission: Impossible'

Margaret Jemian, Staff Writer

Good day, esteemed TFS reader. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read this review critiquing an iconic action movie based on a classic TV series. 

The film, Mission: Impossible, starring Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Jean Reno, and Jon Voight, is a cultural classic that turns 25 years old this Saturday, and its fanbase is ever growing as the sixth film in its franchise hit the box office in 2018 with the seventh installation currently in production (set to release in 2022).

This riveting film released in ‘96 introduces Ethan Hunt, a determined, strong-headed field agent in the US government’s secretive Impossible Mission Force (IMF). While on an assignment in Prague, a mission goes terribly wrong when the agents slowly get picked off like flies. Presumed as the only surviving agent, Hunt goes rogue to try and discover the person inside that betrayed them. 

Another great demonstration of Brian De Palma’s distinctive directing, his definite use of that classic split diopter shot is ever present as Hunt’s crew deviously infiltrates the CIA (to hear more about the split diopter shot and De Palma, check out my review of Carlito’s Way). 

To be frank, I really don’t think the critics give Mission: Impossible enough credit. The stunts are great, it’s a well-written movie, and the acting isn’t so bad either. Sure, the other films in the series may shine a bit more, but as far as franchise-beginnings go, this action flick is an incredibly solid and reliable starting point. It’s the quintessential movie-night movie!

The moment I realized I was minorly obsessed with this film and the franchise arrived on the band and orchestra’s trip to Austria and the Czech Republic my sophomore year. The opening sequence of the film was shot in Prague’s Old Town, the scenes surrounding the famous Charles Bridge.

I’m sure those around me at the time could attest to my uncontrollable excitement upon “walking where Tom Cruise was” and “running up the stairs he ran up” and “leaning on the wall that he leaned on.” Sorry, guys, but I regret nothing. 

Mission: Impossible is an amazing start to a franchise that many people rave over and swear by (myself included), and I stand by the fact that this and every film in the franchise is worth multiple watches. When you don’t know what to watch or are sick of everything else, reach for one of these Cruise sensations!

Keep in mind that if any of your friends or family are caught watching this movie, not only will the secretary not disavow any knowledge of your actions, but they will make whomever is watching the film start it over so you can see it, too. Good luck, esteemed TFS reader.

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