Why Justin Fields is the QB Chicago Needs


Wilson Irvin, Sports Editor

Justin Fields is not Mitch Trubisky.

When the Bears drafted Mitch Trubisky in 2017, there was not this much excitement. Last Thursday, I could not have been happier hearing that the Bears had traded up and took Justin Fields. 

In Fields’s career at Ohio State (two years), he threw for 63 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, a passer rating of 179.1, and rushed for 15 touchdowns. 

Compared to Mitch Trubisky who threw for 41 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, a passing rate at 157.6, and 8 rushing touchdowns (in three years), the former Tar Heel does not have the numbers to compare to what Fields did. 

I believe that it’s how Fields fits into Nagy’s offense is how he will succeed. 

Last season, when Mitch Trubisky was the quarterback, the Bears were better. Although, they weren’t reaching their full potential as Trubisky had gaps in his game. 

I believe if you look at how they play, you can see their playstyle is similar, it’s just that Fields is a complete quarterback. He can throw on the run better, he is more elusive, his ability to extend plays is amazing, and he has a deep ball. 

Fields even expressed his belief in his fit in Chicago.

“I think I fit perfectly,” Fields said. “If he didn’t think I fit well, he wouldn’t have traded up. Just talking to him, getting to know how he communicates with his quarterbacks and his learning style, I think that’s going to make me a better quarterback, a better player because he’s going to teach me a lot. I’m just excited to get up there and learn.”

The Bears have already stated that Andy Dalton would start the season and I am completely fine with this decision. A lot of Bears fans want Justin Fields to start right away, but I don’t agree. 

If Dalton keeps the Bears winning through week 8, I think Dalton might finish out the season. If the Bears are struggling, I can see Nagy pushing for Fields to start. Either way, you will hear Bears fans screaming for Fields the entire season.

Besides Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers, I believe that Andy Dalton is the next best QB mentor. He has taken the Bengals to the playoffs multiple times, he has played in Dallas and knows what it takes to win. Compared to when Trubusky arrived with Mike Glennon as his mentor. 

Not to mention, Fields means business. You could see when he was being drafted, there was barely any emotion, he is strictly business and I love that. 

Fields will bring a winning season to Chicago, mark my words. Justin Fields will be the quarterback that the Bears have needed for years.