Food Account Features: @katesyummyeats

Food Account Features: @katesyummyeats

Annie Kelly, Staff Writer

Welcome back to Food Account Features!! This week features the one and only @katesyummyeats ! Started by senior Kate McCabe this food account is one to remember. With great content and recipes @katesyummyeats is a wonderful account to follow!

What prompted you to make your food account? 

“I was in Florida with my cousin and she had just made a food account and I thought it looked fun so I made one myself! It also kind of inspires me to eat healthier.”

What is your favorite meal to post about (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert… )?

“Breakfast because it’s my favorite meal.”

What is your go to meal/snack? 

“My go-to meal is a bagel with cream cheese.”

What is your all time favorite thing you’ve ever made for this account? 

“I make the besttt lime cilantro shrimp tacos so definitely those.”

What are you hoping to add to your fans experience after they click that follow button?

I love when people try my recipes or tips and tricks.”

Is there anything else you would like to add or let your fans know about the journey of your food account? 

“I really just like to have fun with this account and it made cooking a lot more fun for me.”