Satire: Prom Tie Facebook Stirs Up Drama at LFHS


MK Peters, In-Style Editor

While senior prom is traditionally a celebration of high school memories coming to a close, LFHS students like to use this opportunity to showcase their personal style. A shortage of online shopping websites prompted this year’s class of gentlemen to start a Facebook page to post their tie selections for the late-May shindig, aiming to avoid the dreaded matching ties polluting the thousands of photos that will be taken. 

However, standing out comes at a price, and it’s high. There’s certainly some mixed feelings on the page and its purpose thus far. Some of the senior boys believe that their post lends itself to the risk of an admiring viewer to purchase the very same tie for the event. 

“I will not be posting my tie on Facebook. It’s a trap started by Michael Jenner to find out where everyone shops, and I will not have my tie copied this year,” said senior Brad Smith.

On the other hand, many seniors believe that the page is now a black-market for tie territory marking. Seniors will post dozens of ties, posting as many as possible to keep their backups out of the running. And the competition is fierce. 

“This is absolute insanity. I’m seeing my bros post, like, 4 ties in one post,” said senior Joe Jonas.  “Not cool. I feel like the entire Brooks Brothers inventory has been totally claimed. Not trying to hit up Jos. A. Bank, but might have to.”

And then, of course, there’s the openly rejected ties. Some of the guys have made multiple posts containing their new online orders after those previously posted don’t fit, or are just not the right color. There are now three times as many posts on the page as there are members. This seems to be a result of the online orders that they just couldn’t make work, despite a shirt swap or matching socks. 

Senior Matt Davidson said, “I saw Harry post like, four times. I know Smith’s can run pretty big, but the dude’s got a tiny neck. Plus, I hear his date’s wearing a red dress, so a gold tie was a bit much to start with.”

However, the true chaos cannot be forgotten:the Lake Forest Post Office. The staff has been working around the clock in absolute mayhem trying to deliver nearly 150 tie packages per day, keeping up with the rush for more options. 

The Post Office has not commented on the situation, as they are currently requiring the entire staff to help manage the deliveries. Beginning May 22, the Post Office will be available for matters unrelated to LFHS Prom. 

Senior boys deserve all the sympathy for the next few weeks leading up to prom. Be kind. The tie drama is all consuming, but necessary, for the senior boys to make their final, stylish mark on LFHS.