School Board Election Comes in Midst of Controversial School Year

School Board Election Comes in Midst of Controversial School Year

Tegan Heswall, Staff Writer

If you have driven around the Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, and Knollwood recently, you’ve probably seen plenty of signs for Tuesday’s District 115 School Board election, which has been an especially heated one because of the challenges of the last year.

Decisions over how to best reopen the school, plan remote learning, work with teachers unable to return to the building, and replace an outgoing superintendent and principal have been particularly controversial within the community. 

There are eight candidates running for four open spots. You can find out more information about each candidate by clicking on their name below. The list includes each candidate’s top priorities, according to the March 14 Candidate Forums. If you would like to watch the full meeting, you can by clicking on the link here.

You can click here to find your polling place. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Student Success

John Venson 

  1. Learn about the workings of the school board
  2. Keep student success at the forefront of everything done

Sally Davis 

  1. Spend the rest of this year helping students finish strong in all aspects
  2. Make the return to full in-person school safe
  3. Making sure the new superintendent is connected to this community and reflects our values. 

David Burns 

  1. Getting kids back in school full time safely
  2. Transparency in regards to making information available and digestible
  3. Look into the Master Facilities Plan 

Marcus Schabacker

  1. Getting students back in the building safely and keep them there
  2. Understanding and caring for students academic, emotional, and social needs.
  3. Modify the current curriculum with the goal of post-pandemic successLearn more about what Student Success values here.

Learn more about what Student Success values here.

Let’s Do Better for 115

Amy Marsch 

  1. Putting students first
  2. Transparency in regards to spending
  3. Lake Bluff needs a stronger bridge to be equally prepared for entering the high school

Robert “Ted” Moorman 

  1. Bringing students back to school
  2. Hiring a new superintendent
  3. Maintaining fiscal responsibility 

Joanna Marshall 

  1. Putting students first
  2. Fiscal Responsibly 
  3. Transparency (teachers, administration, and community working together)

Jeffrey Giannelli

  1. Putting students first
  2. Working together (teachers, administrators, Dr. Holland, the board)
  3. Invest wisely and stop the tax and spend approach

Learn more about what Let’s Do Better for District 115 values here.