Food Account Features: @callierobineats

Food Account Features: @callierobineats

Annie Kelly, Staff Writer

Welcome back to Food Account Features!! During spring break there was nothing but fabulous content within the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff food account community. All the activity was very impressive, but one account really caught my eye. This week’s Food Account Feature is @callierobineats !! Created by seniors Callie Birtman and Robin Kokke, there was never a dull moment on their account especially within this past week. Check it out!


What prompted you to make your food account?

“We decided to start our account in the spring of 2020 as a way to keep ourselves accountable to maintain a healthy lifestyle during quarantine. Now, we use it as a platform to share our love of food and fitness!”

What is your favorite meal to post about (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert… )? 

“Dinner! We love savory foods so dinner is always a hit. Whether it’s Robin’s veggie burgers (she’s a vegetarian… kinda weird if you ask me) or Callie’s Foodstuffs salads (basically everything, chopped with Honey Mustard!), we love trying all sorts of entrees.” 

What is your go to meal/snack?

“Callie’s go-to snack is anything spicy, especially Takis or the Trader Joe’s Takis (Chili & Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips).” “Robin’s favorite snack is the knock-off Pirates Booty from Trader Joe’s. As you can tell, we spend a lot of time at Trader Joes.” 

What is your all time favorite thing you’ve ever made for this account?

“Callie loves making garlic, sea salt & parmesan-dusted kale chips.” “Robin’s go to meal would have to be any sort of fresh pasta and she’s got a number of tasty recipes up her sleeve (baked feta and tomato, tangy vodka, creamy pesto, truffle and goat cheese).” 

What are you hoping to add to your fans experience after they click that follow button?

“Definitely humor mixed in with our food posts. We have very similar, sarcastic senses of humor and we love to make our audience laugh along with us. Our emoji use is also very much on point.”