Dressing for Prom: What to Know

MK Peters, In Style Editor

This past year has been far from normal, and prom is no exception. Nevertheless, we are incredibly lucky to have the junior student council working on this reimagined, COVID-friendly event. Here are things to consider if you are planning on attending!



There has been plenty of debate over short versus long dresses for seniors, as they missed their chance for the traditional full-length dresses last year. This aspect is completely up to individuals, so just wear your preference. However, prom will be held in the front lawn of the school in May, so there is the chance that long dresses could get a bit dirty throughout the duration of the night. If you’re worried about messing up the dress, a short, mid-length, or high-low dress would all be  great alternatives.







We all know the pain of having your heels sink in the grass. Since prom will be on the lawn, a narrower heel might be harder to walk in (although your shoe choice is completely up to you). If you’re worried about not being able to dance, try looking at a block heel, or opt for some trendier combat boots or sneakers. These will be comfortable, cute, and easy to walk around in.








Chicago weather is crazy unpredictable, so keep in mind that it could still be chilly in late May. If you want to plan for some warmth, layering your dress with a cool jacket, like a blazer, can look super cool and keep you warm if you need it. If you’re not sure about jackets, try looking for something with sleeves.

However, we all know fashion comes first with these things. Prom is only 90 minutes this year, so if you already have a look you love, wear it!