Brickman on “The Bachelor”: The Final Rose


The Bachelor always serves the best drama, and I can’t get enough of it. #tea

Louise Brickman, Staff Writer

The following is a recap of the most recent episode of ABC’s “The Bachelor”. All opinions stated in this piece are that of the author’s own.

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. The Final Rose. 

Wow, looking back, Brickman on the Bachelor has come so far. We started with the descent of Queen Victoria, and now we may or may not see Matt James get engaged. 

Matt begins by meeting his mother, Patty, and his brother, John. He gives his spiel on the two women left. Now we haven’t seen much of Momma James, but I am looking forward to her dropping the hammer on these ladies. Matt has definitely established that he is a mommas boy so I’m anxious to see how this goes. 

Michelle pulls up and the two embrace in a loving hug. Right when she walks in Matt’s mother begins to tear up. The cutest thing I have ever seen. Michelle seems so comfortable meeting Matt’s family for the first time. 

Matt’s brother pulls Michelle aside to chat and in his interview, he makes a point that he is going to “Keep Things Real”. The music intensifies and the two discuss her feelings for Matt. By the end of their chat, the two seem best of friends. I mean that was a close one, without the sibling’s approval it would be a bumpy road.

Onto momma James. The two walk to a separate room. Michelle just seems so confident in her own skin. She is extremely mature and graceful when meeting his mother. Mrs. Patty James could not be cuter. By the end of their chat, the two of them were both in tears. Both of their love for Matt was shining through. 

Matt’s mother went to Matt and told him how much she truly enjoys Michelle and would be thrilled if she was a part of the family. 

Alright, so Michelle has passed the test. So good so far. But, I just have a feeling that Matt is going to pick Rachael. 

Rachael is up next. She rolls out of the classic black SUV and is reunited with Matt. Ah I don’t know how to describe it, but Matt just seems happier with Rach. Even my dad just said that, and he doesn’t even remember my friends’ names half the time so you know it’s true. 

Patty and John definitely seemed less enthusiastic when meeting Rachael. The two relatives are definitely not vibin’ with the Matt and Rach vibe. 

John takes Rachael to grill her with questions in the next room. Rachael is definitely answering these questions well – she really seems to love Matt and all of his qualities. However, I mean she hasn’t really put everything out there when meeting the family. I personally would be going out of my way to be bubbly and polite and personal, and Rach is kinda just riding the chill persona. 

When Rachael and Patty discuss, she asks her when she knew that she was falling for Matt. She responds with their 1-on-1 date earlier in the season. I remember that date and remember thinking that it truly was one of the cutest ones I’ve seen on this show.

The conversation slowed down to Rachael reflecting back on when Matt prayed over the group of women the first night. The absolute most precious moment in Bachelor history. By the end of the convo Patty and Rachael are both in tears hugging it out. 

At this point, it could go either way.

Matt says goodbye to girlfriend #2 and walks back in to hear his family’s opinions. His mother asks him if he can see himself marrying one of these women. Matt seems very sure of himself in that he is going to propose to one of those women. 

Patty fires away with another great question. Wow. Matt is shook. Mrs. James and his brother instill doubt in poor Matt’s head. They basically bring up that love cannot carry a marriage and that feelings can come and go. It definitely brings up uncertainty that Matt was not expecting. 

Oh no. Patty, why?! Matt walks outta there, panicking that he is no longer ready to propose. Shoot. Those two literally just screwed him over. He was so certain and happy and now he is acting like he’s trapped and needs to get out. Well, that’s just great. A whole season and on the last day the Bachelor gets cold feet. 

Matt is now questioning the last 11 weeks of his life,wondering if this decision is worth the risk. Chris Harrison, of course, appears at this door more than willing to help. Matt pours his heart out to Chris, essentially saying that he has now realized that he is not ready for an engagement. Damn. Sorry I have no idea if I’m allowed to swear on The Forest Scout

Cmon Matt. There are days remaining. Not weeks, days, and he’s like giving up? Even Chris is pissed. Matt has decided that he is going to take it one day at a time and see how he’s feeling by the end of the week. These poor girls think that they will be getting a potential fiancé and Matt doesn’t even know if he’ll be in good standing with them in a few days. 

Michelle and Matt meet up for their final date and you would think it was something romantic – nah it’s repelling down the side of a giant building. The two take their fear and turn it into courage. I would be panicking the whole time. I mean both of them just leaned back so nonchalant and realized that that is not how you repel down a building. After multiple scary bumps in the road, the two make it to the ground safely. 

The two discuss the meeting with the fam and Michelle just adores Patty. They reflect on this crazy and long journey that has brought so much joy. I mean poor Michelle, she is pouring her whole heart and soul to Matt and he is just blankly staring back at her. 

Matt is just so uncertain going into dinner. The two are talking, but it just seems like shallow conversation. The spark or fire or whatever just appears to be gone. Michelle is telling Matt that she can’t see a future without him. She gifts Matt with matching Mrs. and Mr. James basketball jerseys. Matt is just waiting to drop the bomb on Michelle that he just isn’t feeling it anymore. 

Matt goes silent. Stutters a few “um… uh”’s before talking about the fear of the next few steps. He admits realizing that doubts right now is so not ideal, but he is scared to push away the feeling. 

Michelle is just falling apart. And rightfully so. I mean, she just gave him a jersey with her name as his wife. She breaks down just admitting to putting everything down on the table. Oh my gosh, how can this be happening? What went wrong? 

Matt walks out, leaving Michelle crying in a corner alone. Matt begins to cry, realizing the pain that he’s caused Michelle. That was so dumb of him. Why’d he do that. First Bri, now Michelle. What is this guy doing? 

Chris walks up, giving Matt the “What’s up dude?”. The two sit in mostly silence, grieving the uncomfortable but necessary moment. Matt admits that he just cannot let go of his mother’s face when she said that feelings fade. He has got to let that go. Matt is not his mom. 

We are now one day away from the proposal, and Matt is just not ready. He admits that he is not willing to rush something, with Rachael now that it is over with Michelle. O my. I am watching this live, and Matt gets up from his talk with Chris saying that he just needs more time. 

I mean he’s got 24 hours, so…

Chirs knocks on Rachael’s door. She is so ecstatic, excited to go on her date, and guess what. Matt cancels his date with Rachael. Chris gives a quick “we’ll let ya know” and taps on the door and leaves. Wow. This episode is definitely not going as I thought it would. I mean, Matt bailed on Rachael. What’s he doing with his day off to think about his doubt?

Neil Lane, the show’s ring maker and jeweler, pays Matt a visit. Matt somehow thinks that holding the ring will clear him of his doubts…. Okay? He holds on to a beautiful pear-shaped ring for Rachael. The big question is… will he use it?

He has just got to get over his parent’s divorce trauma. Everyone has their own path.

Rachael is just destroyed. She is in her robe and slippers just wrapped up with her tea on her sofa. An envelope is slipped under her door.

It’s an apology for making her wait and an invitation to meet him at the lake. 

Wait guys, he might go for it. Matt is wearing a suit and has that proposal look in his eye. I’ve got a good feeling about this. Chris meets Matt to debrief. Matt just seems more confident in himself and totally sure that he is in love with Rachael. 

The music intensifies. Rachael is rolling up. Rachael gets out of the car super nervous – a little upset. 

The two meet and I just cannot tell what way this is going to go. Rachael is just distraught by the fact that it had been smooth sailing until the second to last day. She lets him know that she is still in it and is not going to run. Hearing her talk you can really see the difference between his relationship with Rachael and Michelle. 

Rachael tells Matt that she will choose him every day and always will.

Matt brings his speech and tells Rachael that he has seen firsthand what rushing into a proposal can do to a marriage. He finally spits it out and tells Rachael that he cannot propose to her today. No words. He continues to want to choose Rachael and be in love with her and just continue to be a couple – just not engaged. Which I guess is fine? I mean do I wish there was a proposal…yes. Am I glad that this wasn’t a complete waste of 11 weeks… yes. 

The two are still super cute and excited to be together. And then there’s a whole make-out sesh. Aw, the two look so happy. Looks like stress has been lifted off of Matt and he can just enjoy his relationship with Rachael. 

Well, folks, that’s a wrap on the first Brickman on the Bachelor. Matt and Rach end up together. It’s been fun, and I am so stoked to pick this back up with the next season. Until next time!

Brickman on the Bachelor, peace out. 

Stay tuned for the “After the Final Rose” review to learn if Matt and Rachael are still together