Closets with Carmel: Sydney Rubinstein

Closets with Carmel: Sydney Rubinstein

Carmel Hickey, Staff Writer

This week’s Closets with Carmel features sophomore Sydney Rubinstein. With the help of her sister’s closet and inspiration from Stevie Nicks and Emma Chamberlain, Rubinstein has nailed a funky and experimental style that is unique to her.

What is the oldest item in your closet? The newest?

“The oldest item that I have Yale crewneck sweatshirt that was my dad’s from college, which I like to style with a collared shirt underneath. My newest item that I have in my closet is a pair of fishnet tights, which I can’t wait to style.”

What is an item you splurged on? 

“Something that I splurged on is my GOLD le FLEUR oversized black sweatshirt. I love Tyler, The Creator, and his clothing brand, and I had been wanting that specific piece for a while. I’m always looking for unique clothes to add to my wardrobe, and I liked how simple and odd it was.”

What is the most affordable item (that you use a lot)?

“A majority of my closet is pretty affordable because I  tend to get most of my clothes from thrift shops and second-hand stores. The piece that I wear the most is an oversized black and white flannel, that I probably wear three or four times a week. I like to avoid winter coats when I can, so I use flannels or jean jackets instead.”

What are your top 3 items right now?

“My top three items right now are the mesh tights that I just recently got, which I’m looking forward to pairing with a skirt or under really ripped jeans. My second favorite piece is a pair of high-waisted baggy jeans that I actually found at a thrift store. I wear them all the time, usually with a crop top. My third favorite piece that I have is my oversized orange flannel which I got for a birthday gift. It is super cozy and thick so I can wear it out in cold weather.”

What is your favorite piece that you’ve gotten as a gift?

“My favorite piece that I got for a gift is from my sister’s jewelry brand called Broken Pearl. She made me this super cool pearl/charm necklace, which I wear all the time.”

What is your most comfortable item?

“The most comfortable item that I have is my Pink Floyd t-shirt. It was also given to me by my sister  (like a majority of my closet), and I wear it with a lot of things, but usually either to bed or with light-washed jeans.” 

What is the most unique item in your closet?

“The most unique item in my closet is probably a pair of flowy pants. My friend gave them to me, and I love them so so much. They’re something you would see in the ‘7os at Woodstock. Since they’re super flowy and big, I like to wear them with a simple white tube top or halter top.”

What are your favorite brands?

“Since I get a lot of my clothes from thrift stores and second-hand stores, I don’t have super specific brands that I love. However, I do love Urban Outfitters and Free People, and when thrifting Goodwill is definitely my go-to.”

Who are you inspired by most? 

“My sister has great taste, so I usually take a bit of a grungier spin on her style. And when it comes to jewelry, I get a lot of inspiration from my friend Felicity, who has a jewelry brand called Felicity Makes Jewelry. Celebrity-wise, I really like Emma Chamberlain’s style, as well as Sophia Lillis, and Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, and Grimes.” 


See you after spring break where another stylish Scout will be featured!