Food Account Features: @sadiessnacks


Annie Kelly, Staff Writer

Welcome to Food Account Features!! Every week, I’ll be highlighting different Instagram food accounts that students from LFHS have created. It’s no question that there has been a tremendous amount of food trends that have flooded social media users’ accounts over the past few years. But lately it’s not just what you are eating that’s a part of the trend, it is how you are showcasing your meals. 

People from all over are making food accounts to show any and all of their food creations. With Instagram being the main gateway to these photos and videos, these food accounts are on the rise. These accounts have anywhere from 500K to 1 Million followers, and day by day these Instagram food accounts are getting more popular. 

Social Media food gurus often use their platforms to not only show off their meals, but promote a healthy, influential way of living. There have been tons of recipes, workouts, and food trends that have gone viral in the past years. For example, the tik tok feta pasta, Chloe Ting workout challenges, and even the rainbow bagels which were big back in 2016.  The lifestyle tips and recipes they share make this online food community nothing but a positive one to be a part of.    

Here in the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff community, local high school students have started up food accounts of their own. These Instagram food accounts are nothing but fun and share many wonderful recipes, and creations from each account owner(s). Each account features a variety of posts. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, a favorite snack, or a dessert being shared,  these food accounts never disappoint their followers. The feature this week is @sadiessnacks!



Created by senior Sadie Specketer

What prompted you to make your food account?

“Quarantine and remote learning had just started, and I remember feeling super sluggish and uninspired. My mom actually saw this unmotivation and asked me to join her on long walks to the beach or around the neighborhood. After joining her a few times, I started feeling so much better mentally and physically and decided to try eating healthier to accompany these long workouts. By doing so, I felt better than ever and wanted to hold myself accountable in the form of an Instagram account so that this healthy lifestyle would continue. So far, it’s worked!”

What is your favorite meal to post about (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert… )? 

“I love posting about my lunch since it’s probably my favorite meal to make. I mainly do different variations of the same meal, which is a bowl with different sources of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. It’s super easy and tastes amazing!”

What is your go to meal/snack?

“My go to snack is probably a yogurt bowl with coconut yogurt! It’s so easy and customizable, and tastes delicious.” 

What is your all time favorite thing you’ve ever made for this account?

“One of my favorite foods I’ve ever made and continue to make every few weeks is protein balls! They are super easy to make and taste like cookie dough. My family also loves them so I make a huge batch and they last a long time! They’re a super convenient snack or addition to a meal.”

What are you hoping to add to your fans experience after they click that follow button?

“I am hoping to inspire people to try healthier foods and try incorporating them into their everyday life. A lot of the time people are afraid to eat healthier since they don’t think it will taste good, but I try to show that you can manipulate your favorite foods to create much healthier alternatives! I want to show that eating healthier is fun and attainable.”

Is there anything else you would like to add or let your fans know about the journey of your food account?

“I would just encourage anyone who wants to start a food account to do so! It’s really fun and motivating, and is a great way to find new recipes and meals!”