A Senior’s Tribute to LFHS


Molly Fisher, Staff Writer

Lake Forest High School is much more than a building at 1285 N McKinley Rd. It is a place to find your “forevers”. Whether it is creating life-long relationships, exploring passions, or discovering a sense of belonging because you are a Scout, East Campus provides all three of these opportunities.

Being a Scout has been the greatest four years of my life. I have been a part of some of the greatest sports teams, providing me with lifelong friends. I began my freshman year by going out on a limb to try out for the tennis team. While I was never found on the top court, the time spent as a team volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, House of Peace, and running practices for underprivileged children in nearby communities, Coach McKendry taught me the importance of joining sports teams here at the high school early on.

As spring came around, childhood dreams soon became a reality as I stepped on the turf field at West Campus. After nearly a decade of travel tournaments, I joined the Girls Soccer team. Daily drives with upperclassmen, ice cream stops at Suzy’sand having my very own “big sister” made the spring season complete. Of the three sports I have played here, I never could have predicted that my basketball experience would shape my life as it has. Playing alongside top state players brought out a new side of myself. Making history by taking home the Sectional Final plaque, winning back-to-back Regionals, and being led by some of the most dedicated coaches made the long dark days of winter pass by quickly…all too quickly.

Being an athlete at LFHS has taught me more than how to win or lose games. The most important thing that I have taken away from being a part of the athletics here is that there is a family who will always support me and stand by my side during what may seem like the hardest times. Whether I was sprinting champions, waking up for 6 a.m practices, or struggling through the beep test, I could always count on my teammates. Where did you find your supporters throughout your time here? Was there a specific coach, teacher, or another staff member who helped to make your four years memorable? Where did you find your passion? Was it on a stage, in the pool, or in a studio?

I was destined to be a Scout.  With both of my parents and many of their friends as alumni, I grew up hearing countless stories and was surrounded by pictures and memories of their time in high school. I also had two older brothers who were Scouts, and I would attend their sporting events along with many other younger siblings. I admired the amount of support from the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff communities. I couldn’t wait to wear blue and gold. Before I knew it, I was being clapped into LFHS along with several hundred other freshmen. For most of us, our heads were down and we were terrified. We had no idea what the future held. 

Everyone told me that I would find “my people” in high school, and they were right. I can strongly say that I have found people who I cannot imagine living life without.

Now, I am a second-semester senior, who still has the heart of a freshman. Looking back on my four years “in the building,” I have a hard time pinpointing one exact moment that I will cherish forever. I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be the same person I am today without this community. Four years later, I walk through the halls with my head held high.

It is now your turn to make the most out of the remaining time you have here. These four years can never be relived. 

A special note to the freshman class: I know none of you were expecting to have your first year of high school behind a computer. You may be thinking to yourself, how can high school be the greatest four years of your life? Still, I promise you that 1285 N McKinley Rd is a special place. My hope for you is that once your senior year comes around you will be thanking LFHS, too.