Brickman on “The Bachelor”: Week Seven


The Bachelor always serves the best drama, and I can’t get enough of it. #tea

Louise Brickman, Staff Writer

Author’s note: I am sure many have heard of the controversy with The Bachelor franchise over this past week. I considered addressing this but realized that I began this column to review the Monday night episodes and critic what each aired episode entailed. I have decided to stick to my lighthearted and hopefully at times comedic banter about the activities. For those of you looking to delve deeper into the current drama, check out Matt Steven from The New York Times’ article here.


The following is a recap of the most recent episode of ABC’s “The Bachelor”. All opinions stated in this piece are that of the author’s.

Disclaimer: There are currently ten women plus Heather… and only four spots for hometowns next week.

Matt is speechless. The girls are speechless. I am speechless.

We pick up right where we ended last week: Heather just walks in and blatantly ignores the 10 women, making a b-line to Matt. Heather sends Pieper away hoping for some time with Matt, and she proceeds to explain that she was sent here by former Bachelorette Hannah Brown to see if they’d be a good match.

Ummm, what?

The Rose Ceremony:

After their little awkward, stunned convo, Heather walks out and approaches the girls. I was genuinely scared for her, but selfishly also really wanting the group to go off on her. As expected, all 10 women come to Heather asking why she was there—and if she could leave.

It was as if Heather was approaching the hyenas from The Lion King. Practically every girl who complained about the bullying problem had become the bully in her case.

“You are bachelor hoping,”said one of the girls. Damn.

Matt meets with Heather and the interaction honestly surprises me. He explains that his heart is with the ladies in that room and that with two weeks until hometowns it just wouldn’t work out. As an avid Bachelor viewer, this was probably one of the most mature speeches I’ve ever come across.

Matt sends Heather back to her minivan and returns to the room apologizing to the women—Pieper especially—or ruining their conversation. I pray that I have a guy one day who stands up for me the way Matt did. The chills.

I mean, I had a gut feeling that he would send her home.

This Rose Ceremony wasn’t that surprising. Three girls went home, and they all hadn’t really proven themselves with Matt.

One girl especially deserving of the boot: Serena C. It was about time she got out of there. She managed to get one last bully session in before she made her exit. Shocked she made it to week seven.


The First One-on-One:

Serena P got the one-on-one this week. This was a big shocker. There are two girls that have yet to even spend one-on-one time with Matt, and she gets a second shot?

One of the most awkward dates yet. It was a two-person yoga session that seemed a little steamy. I feel like any of the other girls would’ve enjoyed this one-on-one time with Matt, but Serena was so uncomfortable this entire day.

What made it even more uncomfortable to watch was the fact that she even told Matt that she basically hated the whole day. I thought that would have sealed her fate and she would’ve gone home. Nope. My Bachelor instincts failed me, and Serena P got the rose—she is confirmed for hometown week.

I mean, I give it to her for being honest, but I was 95% sure she was going home. Overall, I give this date a 3/10 for the awkwardness.


The Group Date:

The group date was all over the place. It was just an intimate dinner and cocktail party, but the conversations had every emotion reeling.

Note: I’m about to do something a lil’ different here. Instead of recapping the group date based on its content, I’m going to give my opinion on the remaining girls who went on it.

Bri: This girl has been a constant fav since the beginning. She brought it to Matt’s attention that after six weeks of being away from her job she had to resign and be fully committed to the show. My family and I broke out into a ,: “NOOOOOOOOOOO BRI WHY?!?!” I have 2 main concerns about this: 1) this puts a lot of awkward pressure on Matt to feel entitled to choose her, and 2) I mean, we don’t know her exact job. The description says “Communications Manager” so it must be at least kind of a big deal.

Kit: Another great gal in this group. Daughter of celebrity Cynthia Rowley. Kit basically gives Matt her five-year plan which mentions that she doesn’t want to get too serious until she is about 26. Considering that she is only 21 and still a student, I can see how she’d get some cold feet. Matt, ultimately, is totally fine with this, which I’m guessing Kit was not expecting—after the date she goes to his house and basically taps out of the competition.

Abigail: Truly the most devastating part of the night. Abigail has been having a hard time, just feeling a little forgotten by Matt ever since the first night when she was awarded the First Impression Rose. She confronts Matt about this and he basically comes back saying that he was so comfortable with their relationship in the beginning that he explored other women. Essentially, he forgot about her. This knocks Matt down major points in my book. Abigail was by far the sweetest and she did not deserve to be forgotten. Her limo ride after leaving truly could bring tears. “I am constantly just the person who makes men realize what they want next” This poor girl better be the next Bachelorette, or I am going down there to confront the producers myself.

On top of this heartbreak, Rachael was awarded the Group Date Rose, and Matt announces that he actually has something special planned for the two of them. He leads her into a separate room and they slow dance with live music in the background.

The other women were just left in the room, all of them practically in tears. I’m going to give this date a 4/10 just because a lot of people left and no one seemed to be in that great of spirits.


The Second One-on-One:

Sweet Jessenia is awarded the second One-on-One this week. Their date is just a fun day on the race car track, doing donuts and spinning out of control. I honestly would’ve loved this date. I think it seems super fun and kind of scary.

Jessenia seems like a really confident and bold person. When it come time for the dinner portion of the date, she lays everything out on the line and tells Matt that she is falling in love with him. Do I think this was a good idea? No. Did I completely expect his response? Yes.

Matt responds by telling her that he just isn’t on the same level as her and is further in relationships with other women. He, unfortunately, is unable to give her the rose and Jessenia gets sent home.

I really wish we had seen more of Jessenia in the beginning partition of the show. She really came out of her shell in the second half when she was involved in all of the drama with MJ and the others. Maybe if she had been a little less shy in the beginning she would be staying for hometowns.

Giving this date an 8/10 – LOVED the activity, but the fact that Jessenia told Matt she loves him and Matt just replying thank you bumped it down a few points.

The Second Rose Ceremony:

We have gone from 10 women to five, two of whom have roses and are safe for next week. It comes down to Pieper, Bri, and Michelle for the two roses remaining. I kind of saw this next part coming, but Bri and Michelle receive the roses for next week’s hometowns and Pieper is sent home. I think Pieper is a great gal, but maybe not just the right fit for Mr. Matt James.

I honestly have never seen a girl more pissed to not get a rose. Pieper does not even look at Matt as he walks her out. And, she grabs the door for herself without any goodbye.

TBH, kinda glad she’s now gone. Her being pissed only proved that Matt made the right decision to send her home. Sorry not sorry, Pieper.


The Ending:

Welp, more than half the girls were eliminated, and a lot of truth was revealed in the process. I think that everyone kinda started to realize how close they are to the end, myself included.

Let’s hope hometowns live up to my expectations. They never do.

The final four: