The Artist Archives: Avina Burns

A look into one of the most creative minds at Lake Forest High School.

Cover art by Avina Burns and Haley Zarek

Cover art by Avina Burns and Haley Zarek

Haley Zarek, Staff Writer

In an attempt to master the ins and outs of a specific craft, most people do so with a conservative approach. This stems from our natural fear of vulnerability and failure that oftentimes prohibits people from reaching their fullest artistic potential.   

Avina Burns is not one of these people. Ambitious, driven, and passionate, Burns stands out as one of Lake Forest High Schools’ most artistic students who creates ceramics pieces that truly shine.

Burns working on a sgraffito piece, 2021.

Burns’ artistic endeavors commenced when she first used a ceramics wheel in a middle school art class. She described it as an instantaneous love affair, ultimately prompting her to continue ceramics throughout high school. 

Shortly after her middle school graduation, she quickly jumped in by taking a multitude of ceramics classes and participating in Art Club.

Her favorite pieces are largely first attempts at new ceramics techniques as she derives the most artistic satisfaction from learning new ways to create.

“I love challenging myself in all aspects of life, especially ceramics,” said Burns, “With each piece, I try to pick a new technique or skill to focus on in order to bring more variety into my work. One of my favorite, but most difficult, techniques is sgraffito which I’ve grown to love.” 

Piece by Avina Burns. Made with sgraffito technique, 2019.

Her passion failed to cease when quarantine struck. In fact, Burns said she paid increasingly more attention to her love of ceramics within the confines of her own home. 

This became possible when her parents gifted her with a ceramics wheel, which became a tremendous asset to her art-making. 

In this environment, Burns speaks of how she can start projects at her leisure and practice a multitude of inventive techniques while doing so. 

“I loved being able to spend my free time making pieces for friends and family,” said Burns, “But now that I’m in AP 3D Art, I’ve been able to use it more than ever.”

Currently, Burns practices her love of ceramics both recreationally and in AP 3D Art, where she concentrates on the relationship of chemistry and chemical principles and how they can be represented in her pieces. 

Piece by Avina Burns, 2020.

Although not interested in pursuing art extensively in college, she plans on continuing doing ceramics in her free time and speaks of a prospective Etsy shop.

Avina Burns’ talent speaks for itself and beautifully reinforces the mantra, you’ll never know until you try.