The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, More Than You Think


NRK P3, Flickr

The Weeknd at Oslo Spektrum 2017

Charlie Valentincic, Editor

Whether you like football or not, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is something that almost everyone across the country tunes into. The 2021 Halftime Show was done by current pop and hip hop star, The Weeknd.

My initial reaction to the performance was that it was definitely a little weird and there was nothing that really stuck out to me. In years past, there was usually a defining moment like a background dancer doing the completely wrong moves or a random kid taking a selfie with the artist.

After doing a little research and seeing the symbolism behind some of the costumes, I instantly gained respect for him, and you should too.

During his performance, his background dancers were wearing bandages that covered their faces and I originally thought that those were just for Covid purposes. Little did I know that there was much more meaning behind them.

At the 2020 American Music Awards, The Weeknd wore these bandages on his face acting like he got plastic surgery. Much to the surprise of the audience, he looked the exact same as before. He later explained that the bandages represented the absurd culture where stars are manipulating themselves in order to be validated.

Earlier this year, The Weeknd “revealed” his surgery in his music video for “Save Your Tears.” His fans were stunned as it seemed so real, but it was makeup. His message was clearly made as it completely altered his appearance.

It definitely takes a lot of guts to speak up and make a statement about a topic that many other celebrities would take offense to. He showed how far people would go to make themselves look “better” and although many people did not pick up on it right away, the message has most definitely been conveyed since.

As time goes on, I’m sure he will continue to receive a lot of backlash from other celebrities who have these procedures done but after a great performance mixed with his powerful message, I think he should have gained respect from many fans around the world.